How Switching to UCaaS Fuels Business Growth

Cloud-based unified communication system allows European organisations to enhance their collaboration while embracing the fluctuations of the ever-changing business landscape.

FREMONT, CA: Communications is a critical organisational resource, and Unified Communications (UC) is a much easier vehicle to manage and scale. The need for safe, reliable, and easy-to-use communication tools among European businesses has given rise to a UC strategy that integrates multiple communications modalities. According to new research, the European Unified Communications market is anticipated to reach over 186 billion by 2026. In particular, the cloud-based UC market is expected to have a significant role in this growth, owing to the rising adoption of cloud computing across businesses in different industries. Given that, European firms are increasingly turning to the cloud-based UC.

Cloud-based UC features cost-efficiency as it eliminates the need to pay for the installation and maintenance of the traditional communication system. By hosting a communication system over the internet, companies need to pay only for what they require. The cloud service also offers small businesses access to high-end features and upgrades at a fraction of the cost. Cloud-based UC also provides users with an array of sophisticated features like advanced email and voicemail and automated attendants. Business is bound to scale, so is its communication system. A cloud-based UC system allows organisations to quickly and easily add more features without burdening the IT departments. This cloud platform empowers remote workers with the ability to communicate with customers and co-workers, just as if they are at the office desk.

With a Cloud-based unified communication system, European companies with multiple locations are able to deploy a more unified communication system, where users experience the same quality and features. This will help firms in ultimately improving efficiency. Besides, instead of paying numerous local providers, multi-location companies are also able to pay a single bill to a single provider for all of the communication lines. With all this, it is recommended that organisations should begin to explore UC alternatives. This field will continue to evolve, primarily through the roll-out of additional functionalities. The UC solutions available today are already at work in organisations of all sizes.

Source: CIOReview


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