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A common misconception is that there isn’t really a difference between the internet you use in your home and the internet you use in your business, but don’t be fooled.

Although a home internet connection seems like it will do the job, a business internet connection provides the consistency, power, quality and security that you need to run a successful operation.

Having a good internet connection has become increasingly important since the internet is the foundation for VoIP and phone systems used in business today and making the wrong choice could clog your operations and bring your business to a halt. WhichVoIP is the independent resource for finding the best Internet Service Providers for businesses in South Africa. 

Internet Service Providers For Business in South Africa

Fibre or Wireless? Which shall it be?

Fibre Service Providers in South Africa

Fibre Connectivity

Fibre optic internet is becoming the de facto and preferred choice for businesses because it offers superior accessibility, reliability, speed and performance.

Made with glass material, it has so many benefits over traditional copper connectivity, and with so many providers building open access Fibre networks, it is an ideal medium for enhanced communication, cloud-based applications, and general online activity.

Why Fibre is better for Business

Fixed Wireless Connectivity Providers in South Africa

Fixed Wireless Connectivity

Fixed wireless, also known as microwave wireless is where networks provide internet services from transmission equipment placed at towers in strategic locations, which connect wirelessly to local antennae installed on client sites.

Nowadays there isn’t much you can’t do with wireless networks.

Whether starting from scratch, augmenting or replacing existing wireline links, wireless is the high-speed data networking alternative you should know more about.

When and Why Wireless is better

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