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Why Unified Communications Are So Important?

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Communication is a constant activity that takes place…

…within the members of a company or organisation, be it through text messages, audio calls, video conferencing, file sharing and more.

In a world where technology evolves to make different aspects of life easier, we can see a rise in the importance of Unified Communications (UC) as well.

UC is a technology that helps to integrate or unify various forms of communication under one platform and aims to simplify the way how communication is carried out within an organisation.

Importance of Unified Communications:

Let us think about a scenario wherein your business has undertaken a major project which needs the collaboration of numerous employees and maybe they are all working from different departments or even locations.

How can you ensure effective communication between the employees?

If the employees are not able to share information and keep themselves constantly updated, the chances of the project being a success might reduce.

This also applies to the day-to-day functioning of any business as well.

So how easy would it be if all calls, text messaging, and other means of communication are done within a single system rather than relying on multiple platforms?

This is where you should consider Unified Communications Solution…

that has proven to be the best choice for your business in such a case.

Voxvalley, being one of the unified communications providers, came forward with the UC Solution called MoSIP C5, after analyzing the ever-changing needs of a business.

This has been altered accordingly to be an all-in-one solution for the major barriers in communication within an enterprise.

How Unified Communications Help Your Business?

To clearly understand the importance of unified communications, the role of communication in a company should be highly stressed upon.

Improper communication can put a business in great turmoil.

Everybody in an organization should be able to communicate and share information easily.

It should be fast, clear and accurate, so that employees will be able to collaborate better to guarantee enhanced productivity.

Moreover, a UC system provides the highest degree of security from any sorts of breaches.

So users wouldn’t have to worry about the confidentiality of the data being shared.

Any communication can be carried out fast, without causing a delay to the business activities, irrespective of the location of the users.

What Are The Advantages of UC ?

The advantages of unified communications solutions to a business are limitless.

It can range from time saving to an increased level of profitability.

Some key advantages are:

1. Scalability:
A Unified Communications Solution allows constant up-gradations that are needed to match up with the requirements of your business.

You can easily add new features to the system as per your demands and stay updated.

2. Reduced Costs:
In terms of cost, a UC is a one-time investment.

That is, whenever there is a need for new additions, you would not have to get a completely new system installed. Just you can upgrade it.

Multiple platforms for communication also mean multiple costs.

By installing a UC Solution you are paying for a single platform that would provide an extensive range of services and all the required benefits.

3. Security:
Security of the information being exchanged is one of the primary concerns of any organization.

UC comes with stringent measures in place to monitor the various networks for any potential threats and breach.

It encrypts the information that is passed on via the network, ensuring the security of the same.

4. Customization:
The way how your UC system looks and works is completely in your hands.

It can be fully customized based on your requirements and likes.

You choose the features and the layouts that you wish to see in the system.

5. Efficiency:
If you think that a UC system cannot bring efficiency to your business, it’s time to change that perspective.

Fast and efficient communication makes it easier for employees to get their work done.

With UC, as there is only a single platform for all communication purposes, it is easy for all employees to familiarise themselves with the system.

All these will lead to saving a great deal of time and an increased level of productivity.

In short, a Unified Communications Solution can help you resolve the problems that would be faced in terms of collaboration, data exchange, communication, and its infrastructure.

Unified Communications Features:

  • Instant messaging, audio, and video calls
  • Presence and file sharing
  • Incoming call support through push notification
  • Call transfer
  • Call history and recording
  • 3-way conference
  • Auto-configuration
  • IP telephony, Voice Mail, and PSTN integration and more
  • Benefits of Unified Communications Technology in the Workplace:
  • In the current world scenario, workplaces are adopting technologies that cater to the ‘tech-savvy’ workforce.

They have become geographically scattered as well.

In such conditions, where people are more adaptable to technological advancements and carry out their work from different places…

UC helps to bring forth efficacy in the operations of a business by ensuring real-time communication and thus leading to an increased level of productivity.

With the help of a UC system, communication amongst the workforce will be done quickly as well as the sharing of files and information.

Employees can choose their preferred method of communication, whether its text, audio, or even video, group call.

We should also keep in mind that remote working has become the new norm today.

Employees are centered in different locations but work for the same cause.

They have to be constantly updated on what is happening and should have a proper chain of communication.

Unified Communications Solutions will help you pull down communication barriers in the workplace, whether the employees are in close proximity or not.


A UC system not only solves the existing problems in communication but it also provides a scope for any sort of innovation and up-gradation.

This helps to make your business communications more efficient and versatile, thereby increasing the level of collaboration and team productivity.

Source: OpenPR


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