WhichVoIP News Roundup – Week 49

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for end-users, week 49. This week’s top news is featured from Klomisoft, No Jitter and Connection Telecom.

The causes of No-Audio and One-Way-Audio VoIP Calls

Quite a common problem, when a voice call is successfully completed, but the voice packets only successfully travel in one direction, or not at all.

A one-way audio call is when you have a call between two phones, and one of them cannot hear the other. A no-audio call is when you have a call between two phones, and neither of them can hear the other.

Without going deeply into the networking stuff, it is important to remember that a call consists of the signaling part (SIP) and the media part (RTP). When a call connects initially, that indicates that the signaling part works OK. But if the media part malfunctions, then we have a one-way-audio or no-audio problem. This is greatly simplified explanation, but it is important to distinguish between signaling and media.

Looking Back at 2020’s Biggest UC Tech Predictions

In my first No Jitter article of 2020, I reviewed some of the biggest predictions for the coming year. Now that it’s Dec., I thought it would be interesting to look back and see how I did.
Clearly, 2020 has been a year that none of us could have predicted, which provides a unique context for reflection. Most trends and developments this year were driven by Covid-19 rather than any planning, strategy, or insight from analysts and vendors who came up with the predictions that I last assessed almost a year ago.

And a word of warning, I’m sharing my perspective as a consultant that works with clients in the real world, and I make no claims that this is backed by data. The following analysis is my UK-centric view of the world, so feel free to disagree and challenge me.

Microsoft Streamlines Teams Calling, Enhances Capabilities

Microsoft yesterday announced a series of enhancements to its Teams Calling service designed to streamline the calling experience.
Among the enhancements, Microsoft has streamlined its calling app, bringing the dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings into a single view. Other Teams Calling updates include:

Call recordings default options — Teams admins can now set the default for call recording storage to either OneDrive or SharePoint.
Anti-spam improvements — Teams will now identify potential spam calls and authenticate outgoing calls, so recipients don’t reject them.
Call transfer between mobile and desktop — Users will be able to transfer a call between a mobile and desktop endpoint via the Teams app, starting early 2021.

2021: 5 Collaboration Technology and Market Predictions

If you had a “global pandemic” on your list of 2020 predictions, then congratulations. For the rest of us without a time machine or the ability to see into the future, 2020 has been a year unlike any other, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global economies, sent the majority of the workforce home, and caused a massive change to work and interpersonal relationships.

Organizations made tremendous investments in collaboration applications like video conferencing and team messaging in 2020. Heading into 2021 they are likely to continue to flesh out strategies to improve remote worker productivity while planning for potential returns to the office. With that in mind, and the hope that 2021 will be far better than 2020, here are five collaboration technology and market predictions for the coming year.

Connection Telecom: Preparing your business for the office of the future

While remote working has been talked about for many a year, the forced changes brought about this year has shown that this is not just a vision, but an actual possibility across several industry sectors. At a recent conference in New York, Bill Gates said he envisioned a future where over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days spent in the office would go away, with organisations rather turning to digital communication and collaboration tools to save costs and improve efficiency.

While many companies are taking a hybrid approach, or requiring employees to come into the office on certain days, some digital companies like Twitter have told their employees they can continue working remotely for as long as they want.


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