WhichVoIP News Roundup – Week 48

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for end-users, week 48. This week’s top news is featured from Tech Target, Nashua and ECN.

What is the difference between IP telephony and VoIP?

While many IT professionals use VoIP and IP telephony synonymously, some argue for keeping a couple of subtle distinctions between the two terms in mind.
There isn’t much substantive difference between VoIP vs. IP telephony, and in fact, many — if not most — IT professionals use the two terms interchangeably. Some experts argue, however, that VoIP specifically refers to sending voice traffic over an IP network. In contrast, IP telephony is a broader umbrella term that refers to any telephone-type communication service carried over IP — this could include faxing, text messaging and more.

Additionally, some analysts note that the term IP telephony most often appears in a business context — referring to the software and hardware that enables VoIP services — while VoIP is common in both enterprise and consumer settings.

Remote services, support and maintenance are crucial at a time when organisations continue to work remotely

Many Organisations are reporting a significant boost in productivity, as well as a host of other benefits, as their employees continue to work remotely. According to Unilever Group CEO, Alan Jope, the company has seen a 41% increase in overall productivity in addition to a 20% increase in internal collaboration since their employees started working from home. The trend is expected to continue with many companies adopting a blended or rotational work model where employees will work for two or three days per week in the office.

These companies are also experiencing an increased reliance on teleconferencing and other forms of technology and collaborative tools, which means that the need for remote services, support and maintenance has not only become crucial but will remain vital for months to come.

This means that organisations must ensure that they engage with the right technology partner to provide communication and collaboration solutions as well as ongoing remote support for their infrastructure, as these companies no longer just have centralised offices, but remote locations where their distributed workforce is situated.

ECN: Uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled fibre explained

Fibre optic internet is fast becoming the preferred choice for businesses across South Africa because of its superior speed and performance. It allows for enhanced telecommunication, cloud-based applications, and all daily online activity. But once you’ve decided on fibre optic internet, you’re then presented with a range of connectivity options that can seem quite overwhelming; uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. Here we unpack the three so that you that you’re empowered to get the right connection.

Why choose fibre optic?

  • Enhanced bandwidth – Fibre is designed to carry more data than copper cables, which means more bandwidth.
  • Greater speeds – Data transferred via fibre is carried by light, making it much faster than the alternatives.
  • Further reach – Fibre cables can carry signals much further than copper cables.
  • More reliable – External factors, such as weather and moisture, don’t interfere with the transmission of data.
  • Stronger cables – The thinner, more lightweight fibre cables are also much sturdier than copper.
  • Affordable – The initial cost is higher, but the costs are absorbed over time, making it more cost-effective.



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