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WhichVoIP News Roundup – Week 43

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for end-users, week 43. This week’s top news is featured from IT Pro Portal, Frogfoot Networks, Open PR and My Broadband.

The role of unified communications in digital transformation

While unified communications (UC) is just one element of digital transformation (DX), it is a very important one, because it is the ‘glue’ that enables intuitive and friction-free collaboration both internally and externally. Without that unification, DX can end up being a set of fragmented processes and tools, yet when combined effectively DX and UC have the power to put users at the heart of any situation, with the ability to operate seamlessly across devices, networks and even apps. Imagine a scenario where a sales manager is having an online chat with a customer, then transfers it to a desktop-based video call, adds in a colleague, then document share, and then — realizing he or she needs to leave the office — transfers that whole conversation to a smartphone.

What people mean by UC can vary, but for to my mind, it combines multiple enterprise communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, voicemail and content sharing, with integration and access across channels, networks, systems, devices and business apps. As is so often the case with business technology, the range of options can create confusion, and there can be a big gap between theory and success in practice, but first let’s look at the potential advantages.

Realising abundant connectivity through open access fibre

The concept of open access (OA) business model is here to stay. It provides the most effective way of driving competition between internet service providers (ISPs) while giving customers freedom of choice at affordable rates.

Under an open access model, the fibre network operator (FNO) provides an infrastructure that can be used by any number of licensed ISPs. This creates a clear distinction between the responsibilities of both parties. The roll-out and maintenance of the physical infrastructure, for example, the fibre cables, are the domain of the FNO. The ISPs, in turn, are responsible for the value-added services offered on top of that, i.e. the internet access sold to the customer.

Why Unified Communications Are So Important?

Communication is a constant activity that takes place…

…within the members of a company or organisation, be it through text messages, audio calls, video conferencing, file sharing and more.

In a world where technology evolves to make different aspects of life easier, we can see a rise in the importance of Unified Communications (UC) as well.

UC is a technology that helps to integrate or unify various forms of communication under one platform and aims to simplify the way how communication is carried out within an organisation.

MTN threatens legal action against location-based service providers

MTN is threatening civil and criminal action against WASPs or any other service provider which puts the privacy of its customers at risk.

This followed revelations of widespread abuse of location-based services, provided by Vodacom and MTN to track South Africans without their knowledge or consent.

This location-based data was used to track the movements of Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear and plan his assassination.

As part of the murder investigation, the South African Police Service (SAPS) brought the abuse of location-based services to the attention of the mobile operators.


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