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WhichVoIP News Roundup – Week 41

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for end-users, week 41. This week’s top news is featured from Financial Executives, Customer Think, MiRO and Telviva.

Myth-Busting Concerns Around Cloud-Based Telecom

The adoption of cloud-based communication services is prevalent among businesses, as these solutions facilitate connection and innovation, while also reducing costs. Cloud adoption has been on the rise for the last decade; however, usage exploded in 2020 as the workforce largely went remote. Finance teams turned to cloud-based collaboration tools to continue operations at-a-distance and many decision makers leveraged cloud telecom solutions to provide customers with alternative ways to interact in real-time.

As more companies and finance departments consider moving to the cloud to build competitive advantage, many still have questions about some of the issues they have historically associated with cloud-based communications services.

Give your IVR its ‘rock star comeback’ 

Every so often, a rock band reinvents itself — and success follows. The same could be true for your IVR … a technology which is enjoying its re-discovered popularity.

Sometimes seen as a ‘yesterday’s tech’, your IVR system may be left to mumble away in the background, slipping into the backwaters, like a faded country singer reduced to playing in deserted bars.

But even though they may not be the sexiest comms tool in today’s dazzling array of devices, apps and channels, IVRs are still essential and have a profound influence on customer experience and satisfaction.

The mistake many organisations have made is neglecting them – holding on to an out of date system that doesn’t link with other channels such as a unified communications platform. So, it’s little wonder that customer service leaders screw their noses up when IVR is mentioned.

Connect your remote staff and SIP trunks without compromising security

Whether you have a small, medium, or large enterprise, data security is paramount, and this is no less true for the protection of your VoIP telephony network.

The number of online threats today is mind-blowing. Firewalls are designed to protect data networks but do not necessarily offer the required security for your VoIP network.  Firewalls inherently block VoIP calls because they are unsolicited events however, this increases the chances for hackers to bypass your security when you poke holes in firewalls to let VoIP traffic through.

Especially for remote workers, it is vital to protect your SIP trunks. These trunks enable a SIP provider to connect one, two or twenty channels to your PBX, allowing you to make local, long-distance, and international calls over the Internet.

Telviva: Why Unified Communications (UC) represents SA’s next digital frontier

New digital collaboration solutions can dramatically enhance the customer experience while reducing costs.

With the global pandemic having prompted the biggest work-from-home experiment in history, many businesses have now fully embraced the benefits of a ‘distributed’ or remote workforce. Yet as the South African lockdown revealed, business continuity and the ability to continue to serve customers has been highly dependent on technology and ‘digital readiness’ within companies.

Without doubt, business leaders have now recognised the critical importance of having seamlessly integrated digital communications, which enable both internal collaboration and external efficiencies in reaching customers and quickly resolving queries.


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