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In March 2020 there was a nationwide lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, our lives changed forever, the norm was turned on its head and the population went into an early winter hibernation. At the same time, the South African economy had to be supported by essential services deliveries. 

Huge Connect is listed as an essential service provider under the lockdown legislation.  Our duty was therefore and still is to maintain all services, as if we were under normal circumstances outside the pandemic situation.  We continued to deliver and maintain an essential service to the financial market.

In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss what we’ve done to further improve our services since the beginning of the pandemic. More than anything, this blog illustrates that as a company Huge Connect remains dynamic in responding to the pandemic. We also maintained a world-class service for our customers so keep reading to find out more.

Customers and Partners Remain Our First Priority 

From the start, we geared our staff to work remotely, from the office and on the road, to install and maintain the essential services required to support the economy. We’ve been honouring supply agreements to our suppliers and partners to ensure constant and effective service delivery to our customers. Our excellent service delivery doesn’t depend on the size of a customer, we treat everyone as equals – from micro to enterprise customers.   

As an example, Sonja Bouwer recently had the following to say about our service.

“I am a guesthouse owner and I often have to deal with unqualified and unmotivated service providers. This past weekend I experienced a problem with my credit card machine connection and this morning (Monday) I reported it to Huge Connect. I thought to myself I am in for another gruelling battle. Brushane (from Huge Connect) drove 251 km from Port Elizabeth to Graaff-Reinet to assist me with the machine. Brushane, with the help of Ahmed, got my machine up and running this evening. The two of them worked until after 20H00 and did not give up until my machine was working again. I give them 5 stars for excellent service. Thank you!” Sonja Bouwer, Obesa Cottages – Hello Peter

Despite increased costs, where we could, we accommodated our customers financially who were unable to trade during various pandemic lockdown levels. We also took a decision not to implement an annual price increase for 2020 as we felt this would be the wrong action to take during the harsh lockdown periods where most South Africans struggled to make ends meet.  

We maintained sponsorships to our partners, such as Kingdom Life, which is a child and youth care center. We provide internet connectivity for the centre to be able to communicate with all their stakeholders, saving them much needed funds for other priorities. It’s important for Huge Connect to provide a stable and reliable internet connection for any organisation, especially those who contribute to their communities. 

We increased our network capacity, replaced equipment where needed and completed our annual PCI assessment successfully. We cemented important partner and customer agreements and maintained a high level of service to our customers. In addition, we reviewed internal processes and geared for the POPIA act.     

Final Thoughts  

Huge Connect had a successful year, which is as important for our customers and our shareholders alike. Maintaining service delivery levels and expansion of our services indicate longevity in terms of our offerings, contributions and our important and ongoing role in South Africa’s economy.   

Since our inception in 2005 we remain committed to delivering the best value to you!

You have been and are part of our ongoing transformation journey and we thank you for your loyal support.

If you’re an organisation that can benefit from our services then give us a call today! We want you to have a positive experience with data communications. Choose Huge Connect for secure, reliable and fast connections. 

Let’s Connect!  

Sourced from: Huge Connect. View the original article here.


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