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Hey, we know what it’s like, we’re a small business too… 

As a business owner your priority is to grow your business and keep your customers happy. And when it comes to communication, what’s most important is that we have a simple solution, from a reliable provider that is flexible to adapt to our growing business.

And that’s why we’re here. With our partner offer, you can save on your business phone bills, have a reliable, scalable and cost-effective communication solution with no hidden fees. 

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Key Benefits

No Contract

No Contract Required

Enjoy the freedom of no long-term commitments. Switch or cancel anytime without penalties.

Trusted By Thousands

Trusted by Thousands

Join over 10,000 satisfied customers who have switched to reliable VoIP services.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Choose between prepaid or postpaid plans to suit your budget and usage patterns.

Affordable Plans

Affordable Plans

Unlimited calling plans starting from just R170 per month. Stay connected without breaking the bank.

Versatile Device Options

Versatile Device Options

Use an app on your mobile phone or opt for a desk phone or cordless phone for your home or office setup.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate VoIP with your current home or office setup. Compatible with popular software and hardware for a smooth transition.

We Don’t Just Care About You;
We Care About
Saving You Money & Keeping You Connected

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, Just Great Service.

VoIP vs Telkom

Comparison Table
FeatureVoIP - From R161.00 per monthTraditional Phone Services - R 386.00 per month
CostBenefit from affordable plans with no hidden fees. Cheaper line rentals and calls, overall.Expensive line rentals and calling plans, and often you pay for extra basic call functions like Call Forwarding.
FlexibilityEnjoy the freedom of calling from anywhere, with a flexible contract and a calling plans tailored to your needs.Expensive installation fees, long term-contracts, limited flexibility.
International CallingMake international calls at minimal cost on a cost-effective rate structure.Exorbitant rates for international calls and usually based on a per minute tariff plan.
Additional FeaturesEnjoy features like voicemail, call forwarding, and more, enhancing your communication experience.Limited features, some of which also optional add-ons for an additional monthly fee.
Setup and InstallationQuick and easy online setup with minimal hassle.Lengthy installation processes and waiting times.
ReliabilityConsistent and reliable connection = uninterrupted communication.Landlines are prone to outages and disruptions, impacting reliability.

Further Benefits

Easy Setup & Installation

Easy Setup and Installation

Get started quickly with our user-friendly setup guides and support.

High Quality Calls

High-Quality Calls

Enjoy clear, uninterrupted calls with our advanced VoIP technology.

Mobile App Or Deskphone

Mobile App or Desk Phone

Use our mobile app on the go or choose a desk phone for your workspace.

Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a single user or a small business, our plans scale with your needs.

Get Started with Affordable VoIP for Your Home or Small Business!

Save on your phone bills. Discover reliable, cost-effective communication.
Join thousands of satisfied customers today!

Have Questions? We Have The Answers.

You will need to have an existing Internet connection to use our VoIP solution. From there you can choose to use an App on your mobile phone, or you can purchase a VoIP Telephone (desktop/cordless).

    Installation Fee: FREE

    Unlimited Calling

    Unlimited VoIP Line Lite (1 outbound and 2 inbound calls) (1 device registration)

    Monthly Service Fee: From R161.00 (Including VAT).

    Unlimited VoIP Line Premium (2 outbound and 4 inbound calls) (Up to 3 device registrations)

    Monthly Service Fee: From R345.00 (Including VAT).

    Usage Based

    Monthly Service Fee: From R49.00 (Including VAT) (1 device registration)

    Yes! You can keep your existing telephone number and port it onto the network.

    Yes! The VoIP Line solution is compatible with most SIP phones and softphones.

    Since VoIP runs over the internet, you will need a good enough internet line to run voice. At the end of the day, your call quality will only be as good as your internet connection.

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    • Access to the Client Zone which allows you to view your itemised billing, invoices and statements, set call forwarding and much more.
    • Telephonic support is available during standard office hours.
    • 24/7 access to the Switch Telecom Client Zone.

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