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Voice your Demands in 2020, says Huge Networks

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From voice commands to voice notes, new applications continue to be found for the human voice.


“People enjoy speaking and this is reflected in the growing demand for technology like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which enables this most human of actions,” says Huge Networks Commercial Director, Rad Jankovic. The firm is an independent provider of voice and data ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services.


A quick Google search for VoIP’s predicted fortunes in 2020 and beyond echoes Mr Jankovic’s upbeat sentiments. “Positive long-term growth”, “projected increase” and “increasing demand” are all examples of phrases returned in VoIP-related search results.


In South Africa, Spring 2019 saw 5G make an appearance in parts of Johannesburg and Tshwane. “In the medium to long term, high-capacity fifth-generation wireless technology promises to deliver an added boost to voice delivered over the web,” says Mr Jankovic.


Many South African firms first made the switch to IP-based voice and data communication systems that run over broadband Internet in the mid-1990s. Low cost IP hardware coupled with affordable per-minute calling helped boost VoIP’s popularity.


Today, VoIP’s affordability is still a great reason to make the switch from old-school copper wireless technology, but it’s now just one of many reasons to go the IP route that is set to continue its strong growth in 2020. The lean SME in search of uncluttered simplicity and the corporate enterprise in search of additional value-added services can all benefit from a switch to VoIP-enabled softphones that make voice calling a breeze.


The choice now should only be about the selection of an appropriate VoIP provider. In this regard, Mr Jankovic advises business users to demand the following from their chosen VoIP provider in 2020:


– Call rates that are at least half as pricey as you’re used to paying.


– The highest voice quality as measured by the firm’s own customers.


– Per-second billing from the very first second.


– One number for life enabled by easy number portability.


– Hassle-free compatibility with existing PBXs that may need to be retained.


– Access to an online self-help portal for quick resolution of routine issues.


Part of the listed Hige Group (JSE: HUG) and now incorporating Otel, Huge Networks is a data service provider and communications company.

More information: www.hugenetworks.co.za.

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