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You walk into your Gauteng office in the morning, turn on your PC and access Microsoft Outlook – or the software you typically use to send and receive e-mails. Instead of only e-mails waiting to be read, there are also faxes and voice mails received by your telephone system – all in one list. You can click on your e-mail and fax messages and read them on-screen; click on your voice mail messages and hear them through your computer’s speakers or telephone speaker.
That afternoon you depart for a meeting in Cape Town. As soon as you land in the Mother City, you call into your phone system and listen to your e-mail (text-to-speech technology) and voice messages, as well as forward an urgent fax to your hotel at the Waterfront. When you arrive at your hotel, you ask if the fax you re-routed from your inbox has come through on the hotel’s fax machine. Reception hands you the document.

UNIFIED MESSAGING enables you to access and manage:

Using a powerful server, all mail is consolidated into a single inbox. These messages are ‘served up’ to you when you log in.

Unified Messaging is part of Unified Communications, and that is something that the Telephone System providers are really pushing hard as they see how ‘work’ has evolved. 

Why Unified Messaging?

The benefits are many:
Some of the things you can do with Unified Messaging:

In the office…

On the road…
At home…  
Further benefits and cost-saving:

Differences in Architecture

Integrated Architecture
Unified Architecture

Why choose Unified Architecture?

Benefits to the end-user:

Benefits to the system administrator:

Vendor benefits:

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