Remain competitive with strategic programs

By FlowState CEO Mark Kayser

Adapting to the ever changing landscape is an ongoing challenge for most business leaders. Speed of execution is the key to driving transformation and strategic programs play a critical role in keeping businesses competitive and relevant.

However, executing these programs without the right framework is tough. Businesses need the strategic direction and more importantly, executive buy-in. Then budget needs to be allocated and the execution team needs to be appointed and aligned with clear achievable targets and an understanding of who needs to do what and by when.

Every program and program team is different, but there is a lot of common practice in the way organisations use internal tools to drive the program forward in a predictable way.

Keeping executives and the program team on top of all the moving parts is not easy. Program managers typically agree and run agile and waterfall frameworks to keep things standardised and predictable. They typically leverage meetings as the cornerstone of collaboration, preparing Powerpoint presentations to share information and status reports.

In a recent survey, our key findings highlighted three points of frustration for program managers. The majority of their time is spent preparing reports (40%), in meetings (50%) and email happens all of the time, including in meetings.

It requires a super human effort for program managers to drive the program forward in a predictable way, keeping executives and the team on top of all the moving parts. It’s no wonder that 70% of strategic transformations fail to achieve their goals.

Our goal has been to disrupt the violations of common sense in the program eco-system and bring the team together in a single eco-system. This will reduce the wasted effort moving work forward with five clear goals:

  • Improve program success with a solution designed for program delivery
  • Improve collective productivity and the purpose driven-team culture
  • Reduce time in meetings and action and decision performance
  • Reduce wasted effort with manual reports
  • Reduce email frustrations

This framework goes beyond solving these challenges and frustrations, it provides new methods for program teams to deliver work with less work noise, less admin and frustrations and bringing on more automation and strategic insight.

FlowState is an all-in-one productivity and collaboration software solution that helps purpose-driven teams work smarter and save time. It enables them to collaborate more effectively, in meetings, projects and across activities.

FlowState’s smart technology turns data into real-time information that is easily accessible, visible and meaningful. 

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Each year, corporates globally approve trillions of dollars for Strategic Programs that are designed to build for the future. Yet despite their strategic importance, most programs are managed out of an organisations project toolsets.
A program is not a project.
We’ve built FlowState to be the best solution for Strategic Programs on the market today, with more detail and better visualisation to help you discover and diagnose delivery bottlenecks in a fraction of the time.

FlowState’s management team have brought their masses of experience in business environments together to build solutions that enable teams to improve transparency and accountability, reducing complexity, improving contextual collaboration with the added value of access to real-time reporting and insight metrics.

Thousands of people use our solutions across organisations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The FlowState team operates globally, working from hubs in Europe and South Africa.


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