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Bicom Systems: PBXware Now Integrates with Call2Teams

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Did you hear the news?
Bicom Systems VoIP solution, PBXware now integrates with Microsoft Teams through Call2Teams thanks to Qunifi!

Resellers can now offer the option to their customers to enable calls in Microsoft Teams using their existing PBXware phone system. A huge selling point to this integration is that users can still use their PBX, SIP trunks, numbers, and facilities. Without any disruption, all original features will stay the way they are. 

If you are not familiar with Call2Teams, it is a way to give Microsoft Teams a voice. Call2Teams connects Microsoft Teams to any PBX phone system or SIP trunk provider. The integration is done in minutes and will allow users to make and receive calls on any device while using the Microsoft Teams applications. 

“Your business needs a modern voice solution that combines Unified Communications and Teams collaboration.”

Since you are keeping your existing PBXware phone system, you get all those features you usually rely on plus more! Benefits include:

-Ability to make and receive work calls on any device from anywhere

-Works with Microsoft Teams on PC, Mac, or Mobile

-No additional hardware or software required

-Quick and simple implementation

-Low-cost monthly subscription

-Works with any PBX phone system provider

-Enterprise-grade encryption and security built-in

It is essential to highlight that Microsoft Teams and gloCOM are not competitors. Although our VoIP solution, PBXware, now integrates with Call2Teams, we recommend our partners to use PBXware and gloCOM together.

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PriceAn affordable price system that does not include hidden costs.The calculation of the price for the whole solution is complicated. To use MT as a “real phone,” users need different functionalities with extra costs associated with them. 
PackagesPBXware offers many functions from the box that are valuable to customers. The number of functions included is minimal. Although they can be, it will increase the costs significantly. 
Propagation TimeWhen the system administrator changes something, the new configuration is instant. Changes can take up to three days. Typically it happens within 24 hours, but specific changes take longer. 
Reports and Statistics PBXware generates business statistics useful for the customer’s business and the opportunity to log detailed information about user activity that help to troubleshoot. MT provides basic information about the user’s actions but is insufficient for diagnostics and resolving the issues. The statistical data generated by the MS Teams platform would not be enough for most business reports.

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Sourced from: Bicom Systems. View the original article here.

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