Pansmart evolves into Huge Distribution as Panasonic exits the PBX market

Panasonic, the Japanese giant, has recently decided to close their Business Communications business (PBX, SIP, and Scanner categories) in a time frame of two years. This is part of an ongoing strategic decision impacted by a market migration to cloud-based solutions accelerated by the global pandemic.

For those businesses relying solely on Panasonic for years, it is understandable that it could seem very challenging to design a plan that forces a fundamental transformation. Still, it ultimately offers a far more efficient telecommunications solution for your business. Continuous market change has been exacerbated recently with the rise of cloud-based solutions, and Panasonic said it found a “technological mismatch” between its factory resources and such market trends.

Modern businesses are bullish about their continuing use of telecoms technology. The global pandemic forced the adoption of new ways of working and challenged business owners to reimagine their workspaces into the future. Remote working is no longer a temporary solution; this hybrid way of working is here to stay.

But here’s the thing… for Panasonic dealers and customers – there’s no need to panic! With change comes opportunity. As an authorised distributor for Panasonic telecommunications (under the Pansmart brand), we’ve rapidly responded. We are ready to offer a versatile bridge – a range of telecoms products, solutions, and technologies to serve the market and fulfil both entry-level and advanced functional requirements, across deployment on-premise, in the cloud or a blend of both. And for our many partners in South Africa and Africa, the wheels are in motion to carefully manage the transition and get our partners in a position to support our new products and technologies in a short period.

-And even though thousands of South African businesses will be impacted by Panasonic’s move, our resellers can rest assured that they will still be supported for the foreseeable future. We will work with them to ensure that their needs are met and that their customers are supported most effectively.

Huge Distribution’s managing director, Louis Fourie, says, “The company’s rebranding, name change, and future strategic direction signifies a commitment to our partners, the Huge Group board, and ourselves. Huge Distribution is entirely customer-centric. Since the company’s inception, we have remained 100% focused on serving our channel partners. The changes we’ve made in just two months proves that commitment – to being fluid and moving with the market and making sure that our resellers have a full suite of telecoms products and services to keep them relevant, profitable, and sustainable.

“We have always leveraged our local market experience, hard-earned expertise, and world-class products and solutions to take our partners’ businesses to greater heights. As we unite within the Huge Group of companies, our proposition to resellers is unmatched in the industry, with access to the most current, world-class infrastructure, technology expertise, and extensive products and services that the new blended business environment requires.”

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