New 500Mbps fibre service from Openserve launched


Openserve has launched a high-end fibre-to-the-home service offering a 500Mbps download speed and a 250Mbps upload speed.

The network operator added the new 500Mbps Openserve Fibre Connect (OFC) to its portfolio on 23 August.

In a letter to ISPs, Openserve said its new 500Mbps OFC access results from its ongoing strategy to respond to client needs, align to best market practices, and continuously improve its value proposition.

“We expect that this new addition to our current offering will assist you to continue providing the best Broadband solutions to your customers,” Openserve said.

The new 500Mbps Openserve Fibre Connect wholesale pricing is only 14% higher than its 200Mbps cost. Retail prices may, however, differ from wholesale rates.

A few ISPs, including Afrihost and Cool Ideas, have already launched 500Mbps retail products based on the new Openserve service.

Afrihost charges R1,297 for an uncapped 500Mbps Openserve service while Cool Ideas charges R1,399.

The table below provides an overview of Openserve’s fibre-to-the-home portfolio with Afrihost’s pricing given for comparative purposes.

Openserve Fibre Products
Download Speed Upload Speed Afrihost retail price
25Mbps 25Mbps R579
50Mbps 25Mbps R797
100Mbps 50Mbps R917
200Mbps 100Mbps R1,117
500Mbps 250Mbps R1,297

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