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MyBroadband: Satellite Internet – Another option when Telkom turns off ADSL

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Telkom is actively migrating ADSL customers off its copper network and onto newer technologies, and while it does attempt to offer equivalent services on fibre or LTE, it does not always get it right.

In a number of cases, Telkom customers in areas without fibre or LTE coverage were left without any Internet connection after the company turned off their ADSL connection.

These users could try to argue with Telkom’s customer support and get their connection back up and running, but it would still be prone to downtime and cable theft.

Instead, there is another connectivity option available – satellite broadband.

Q-KON is a leading satellite company which offers a fixed broadband offering named Twoobii, which delivers a reliable, high-speed Internet connection for a reasonable price.

MyBroadband spoke to Q-KON CEO Dawie De Wet about the company’s satellite broadband products and how they compared to fibre and ADSL.


“The Q-KON satellite service provides a reliable connection for telephony, security surveillance, corporate VLAN data, retail point-of-sale service and business broadband,” De Wet told MyBroadband. “It is the ideal service for any business that needs reliable and trusted communication.”

“Twoobii is the best option because it offers customers a fixed-fee (‘uncapped’) service with predictable performance and no risk of failure due to network damage such as cable theft.”

He added that the Twoobii service was focused on the business market with services priced from R1,499 and equipment priced at R572 per month.

As satellite broadband does not need towers or cables, it is far more reliable than other technologies and has coverage across the entirety of South Africa, De Wet added.

“Satellite is not dependant on any towers or cables and it is ‘always-on’ with no network failures,” he said.

“The biggest advantage of Twoobii is that it supports quality telephony voice service and value add services such as surveillance video alerts, corporate VLAN integration and end-to-end network optimisation, e.g. implementation of corporate SD-WAN services.”

Competition and future

De Wet said that Q-KON has seen great uptake of its Twoobii satellite broadband offering, which he attributed to a number of factors.

“Some customers need a reliable service for business operation such as surveillance, then for the retail sector we provide a simple solution to ensure point-of-sale credit card transactions, while schools, clinics and government offices require standard broadband services,” he said.

“The new technology enables us to provide satellite services at very competitive rates, typically at less than R50 per GB.”

Satellite Internet will always be a necessity for solving specific broadband requirements in South Africa, De Wet added.

“In the short term, it is to complement the fixed and mobile networks and provide services to the ‘off-grid’ locations.”

He said that broadband users who rely on mobile would benefit from the increased reliability and lower cost of satellite broadband offerings.

“With regards to the future, trends such as IoT and 5G will drive the overall demand, creating bigger urgency to connect all ‘off-grid’ fixed and mobile users,” he said.

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