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MyBroadband: MTN vs Telkom – Fixed-LTE showdown

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MTN vs Telkom new headline

Afrihost has launched new fixed-LTE packages that run on MTN’s network.

The packages are called Afrihost Pure LTE, and the ISP is offering one month of free usage on a range of SIM-only and SIM + device deals.

The packages come with both anytime and nighttime data allocations.

Afrihost also offers several fixed-LTE packages which run on Telkom’s network.

Aside from data allocation and pricing, there are two notable differences between MTN and Telkom’s offerings.

To ensure optimal network stability, MTN’s fixed-LTE can only be used with an approved router.

MTN’s list includes the Huawei B525, B612, B618, and ZTE MF286.

Additionally, MTN’s night data is valid from midnight to 06:00, while Telkom subscribers can consume their night data allocation between midnight and 07:00.


The table below compares the monthly prices of Afrihost’s SIM-only packages on MTN and Telkom.

The first data allocation shown is for anytime use, while the equivalent night data allocation is the second amount shown.

Afrihost fixed-LTE packages (SIM-Only)
Telkom20GB + 20GBR199
MTN30GB + 30GBR199
Telkom40GB + 40GBR299
MTN60GB + 60GBR349
Telkom60GB + 60GBR399
Telkom80GB + 80GBR499
MTN100GB + 100GBR549
Telkom120GB + 120GBR699
MTN150GB + 150GBR749
Telkom220GB + 220GBR999

Top-up comparison

Both network operators also offer data top-ups for their packages.

The table below compares Afrihost’s pricing of top-up packages for fixed-LTE data on MTN and Telkom.

Afrihost fixed-LTE Top-ups
Telkom10GB + 10GBR249
Telkom20GB + 20GBR355
Telkom40GB + 40GBR455
Telkom60GB + 60GBR555
Telkom100GB + 100GBR755
Telkom200GB + 200GBR1,055

To view more details about these packages, visit the Afrihost fixed-LTE portal here.

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