MWEB hikes fibre prices 1 month after customers sign up

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MWEB will increase its fibre pricing for certain customers regardless of when they signed up to their package, and has explained that it is within its rights to do this.

MyBroadband first learned of this situation when a reader contacted us regarding their R399 fibre package being increased to R449 less than a month after they signed up to the service.

The customer said they had been assured by a consultant when signing up that the R399 per month original price would be fixed for 12 months, but had since received an email which informed them of a R50 price increase to their package.

A quick perusal of MWEB’s HelloPeter page shows that many of its customers have reported the same situation.

“Four days after installation the price gets increased! I agreed to a contract where I pay R649 for fibre not even four days since installation I get an email to notify me of an increase,” said one customer.

“This is unfair business practice. MWEB advertises a deal, I sign up for that deal and four days after installation I am notified of a price increase.”

Another Hello Peter user complained of the same price increase to the same package as the original MyBroadband reader.

“MWEB are advertising R399 uncapped un-throttled internet with Openserve and free router – fantastic deal so you sign up and a month later you get an email – ‘sorry prices going up to R449 a month from Jan 2020,’” said the user.

MWEB responds

MyBroadband asked MWEB for more information on the situation, and the ISP confirmed that this was not an error.

“As stated in the communication sent to affected customers, we have tried to keep price increases to a minimum, but due to rising costs and increases from our upstream providers, we have had to increase our prices,” said MWEB.

MWEB said that it does not offer a fixed fibre rate over a 12 month period, contrary to what the reader claims they were told on a call with a consultant.

“We do not commit prices to a fixed-term period. We never have. When customers sign up for our Fibre deals receiving free installation, connection and a Fibre router, they agree to remain a Fibre customer for 12 months,” said MWEB.

The ISP speculated that the MWEB customer might be confusing the above with a 12-month fixed payment period.

“Our terms are clear that prices may be increased at any time, subject to 30 days notice,” said MWEB.

The ISP also linked MyBroadband to its terms and conditions, which state:

“Subject to your right to cancel as provided in clause 21.2 below, MWEB reserves the right to amend the Agreement, including its charges, from time to time on written notice to you, which notice may be sent by email to you and/or which notice may be effected by publishing any new version of the Agreement on our Website together with the date on which it will become effective, which will (save as otherwise provided for herein) if reasonably possible, at least be 30 (thirty) days after the date on which it is first published.”

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Sourced from: MyBroadband. View the original article.


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