Managing remote teams more efficiently

Decision makers need to understand the current status of work transformation initiatives in businesses today and the challenges workers face to accomplish their day-to-day activities. This includes specific initiatives and technologies deployed for the successful adoption of remote work

Technologies and remote working initiatives that were previously considered nonessential are now critical to business continuity, one needs to explore the challenges and current initiatives related to deploying a transformed work environment.

A recent IDC survey found that 87% of US-based organisations expect their employees to continue working from home three or more days per week once mandatory closures are lifted. Additionally, 90% of organisations say they expect more workers will work from home in the future.

Employees have quickly settled into a routine of remote work since the sudden introduction of lockdowns across the globe. Companies are also trying to make sense of the way forward, considering new work models that combine remote work and office collaboration.

Failed strategic programs

Each year, corporates globally approve trillions of dollars for strategic programs that are designed to build for the future. Yet despite their strategic importance, most programs are managed out of an organisation’s project toolsets.

From the approximately $1.7-trillion that is invested globally each year in digital transformation and strategic programs, about 70% of these programs fail to achieve their goals. Even though it has been found to increase performance and satisfaction, about 44% of program managers don’t use commercial software to manage their programs.

Managing remote workers efficiently

Solutions like FlowState80 help organisations manage and control strategic programs and their eco-systems of projects, work streams, meetings and the execution thereof. It has been designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-understanding.

It helps businesses achieve an enhanced level of purpose driven productivity with 80% on-time completion. In just a few simple steps, business leaders and their teams can now be on their way to a better way of working.

FlowState80 is designed for ease-of-use so that programs and remote teams can be up and running in days. It has the ability to turn features on and off and grows with the business so you have what you need, when you need it.

Program management

FlowState80 intuitive interface makes the tracking and management of complex execution easy. It provides the information and analytics program managers need to easily identify exceptions – and collaborate directly with project teams to bring things back on track.

Its configurable features mean teams have everything they need including standardised, automated reporting and layouts – reducing reporting time from hours to minutes. The framework also comes packed with templates, supporting guidelines, playbooks and processes, baking best practice into every aspect of the program – and saving a huge amount of time.

Program meetings

Programs are executed through what is essentially a series of meetings. FlowState80’s meetings module is a powerful tool to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and align goals.

Running meetings in FlowState80 ensures better meeting preparation by all members through shared agendas and meeting templates (before the meeting); more certainty on outcomes achieved and next steps (during the meeting); and aggregated meeting statistics for fresh insights into task status and meeting attendance for a view on meeting efficiency and effectiveness (after the meeting).

Program execution

FlowState80’s customisable Agile and Kanban Boards help program teams work more collaboratively with swim lanes, lists and task tiles that enable teams to organise and prioritise their work in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Add comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to board tasks, collaborating effectively on what needs to be done from beginning to end.

Program eco-system

Workhubs are incredibly powerful for tracking behaviour and discipline across the program team. Link programs, projects, meetings and boards together for a dashboard of interactive charts and graphs on completion rates, slippage, and work quality.

They centralise all activity, actions, decisions, tasks and conversation from the elements linked to it making it easier than ever before to identify exactly what needs to happen next across the program portfolio.

Single version of the truth

FlowState80 is an alternative to the chaos of multiple tools, systems and solutions. Everything related to program delivery can be managed in FlowState80. Health reporting, impacts, resourcing, financials, benefits, meetings and agile execution – FlowState80 pulls it all together into elegant dashboards.


‘Working on work’ – the average program manager spends 30% of their time building packs, 30% in meetings and 20% chasing updates. FlowState80 automates it all – reports, meeting minutes, chasing for feedback – freeing up time to do more valuable work.

By FlowState80 CEO Mark Kayser


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