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VoIP Service Providers in South Africa

Use your internet connection to make phone calls, instead of your regular fixed-line.


When a (Telkom) telephone account is available for analysis, this can be an invaluable resource to get to understand the communication infrastructure and environment.
The account contains the following vital information such as the

Utilising the information


Establish the number of Junctions, Exchange Lines, and Leased Lines supplied to the company/organisation and the related cost thereof. These are generally fixed costs but will decrease if the company has more lines than are necessary, or will increase should the company require additional lines to alleviate a bottleneck of calls to the switchboard.
If the company is in contract with any of these fixed services, you will find this on the Telkom bill as well.

Note: When applying for additional lines, visit the website www.telkom.co.za, or contact a company that specialises or facilitates these transactions for companies. Additional lines that will be connected to a PBX will require a Telkom SF71 document, plus information of the PBX supplier such as the license information, etc.


Calculate the total cost of any equipment rented from Telkom (if any) – indoor/outdoor extensions, PBX, handsets and peripherals. This amount can be used in a comparative analysis when quoting on a new PBX from a private provider (non-Telkom).
In the older days, Telkom provided systems on a monthly rental only (there are still many of these systems around – Jupiter, Diana, etc) and went on to finance equipment over a fixed period (Calypso, Siemens, IPECS, etc)


Analyse the call charges – local, national, international, cellular, etc. If these appear excessive to the client then you may wish to recommend the installation of a TMS (if one is not already in place) for monitoring all calls (incoming and outgoing) and to identify where these costs originate from. VoIP (Voice over IP) is also a fantastic way to reduce spend on calls. Access our list VoIP providers by clicking here.


If you are renting Telkom PBX equipment and indoor cabling, you can do a comparative analysis between owning / ‘renting’ a private and cable network from a private supplier versus the existing rental from Telkom.
Note: Telkom no longer supports or supplies Outdoor Extensions, and has also put out a notice to shut down their legacy analogue infrastructure.

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