IFS Cloud offers integration on a single platform

Kathy Gibson reports – IFS is expanding its market reach with the launch today of its new cloud offering.

Companies are all facing the need to accelerate their digital transformation journeys, says Darren Roos, CEO of IFS.

Cloud technology is the only way to do this effectively, he adds.

“But most companies are hugely intricate and you can’t just flick a switch to change. Doing things right is imperative to avoid the pitfalls many companies have endured.

“AT IFS we want to challenge these realities and do better.”

Most companies have two key priorities for their digital transformation initiatives. These are driving efficiency up and reducing costs; and producing better products and services for their customers.

“The burden of technical debt and a need to lower costs in their organisations are informing their decisions,” Roos says.

The company has launched IFS Cloud today, the result of double research and development (R&D) investment of the last two years.

“We also engaged with customers and partners who have challenged us, and enable us to offer a simpler, better choice.”

With IFS Cloud, all of IFS’s products are now available on a single platform, and can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, with the same product and user experience throughout.

Customers can choose to deploy best-of-breed or leverage the power of connecting their value chains across capabilities such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), asset management (EAM) and field service (FSM).

“The goal is to let you build resilience and agility in your businesses,” Roos says. “We want to provide you with a simpler path to realise value in your organisation with products and services that let you delight your customers.”

To achieve great moments or service, organisations have to orchestrate their business to create predictability, he adds. “Successful orchestration means delivering on promises and finding new ways to create value.

“And that can only be achieved with technology that works for you across the business.”

IFS Cloud is a single platform that underpins the customer’s business, Roos adds. “It offers a new way of working that is true to our heritage of of customer focus, that helps you to become more service- and customer-driven. It is a compelling proposition.”

IFS Cloud will accelerate customers’ digital transformation, says Christian Pedersen, chief product officer at IFS.

“We built IFS Cloud for our customers and to meet their everyday demands,” he says.

He says IFS Cloud is built on five key propositions. They are:

-Depth of knowledge, developed by working with customers. This is augmented in IFS Cloud, which marks a new step in how the company works with customers in its core industries. There are: aerospace and defense; telecoms, energy, utilities and resources;  and resources; etc. IFS cloud now includes industry-focused accelerators, dashboards to visualise data and support decision-making; and best of breed capabilities for all IFS’s target industries.

-A single product that delivers all solutions and capabilities. IFS Cloud is a common platform that is home for all of IFS’s class-leading solutions. This means there is a common user experience, a consistent infrastructure, a single data model and more. It is also build to be open to the business and IT landscape, with integration to other products inside and outside the organisation.

-Innovation is embedded. IFS Cloud is built from the ground up to include digital technologies. New application services deliver intelligence and automation. And they are ready to work out of the box. They are embedded natively and are able to deliver real value quickly.

-Freedom of choice, parity and portabilty. If customers need to deploy applications in other locations, do so with remote deployment, with the same solution functionality. Choice extends to update cadence, with updates not dictated. Tailoring, configuring and customising are all flexible and are the customer’s choice. Application are portable, and can be moved from the IFS Cloud environment to an on-premise environment.

-Delightful experiences. A major focus in IFS Clous is on the product experience – how customers engage with IFS in the user experience and the whole ownership experience. IFS aims to make all customer engagement structured and supportive. To this end, the company is rolling out a lifecycle experience portal, anew developer portal, and a customer portal.

Sourced from: IT-Online. View the original article here.

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