How Mobile PBX from MTN Business can benefit you

Reliable and high-speed connectivity is crucial to South African businesses, not only because it streamlines your operations – it also makes it easier to adopt modern technologies.

One such modern technology is Unified Communications.

Unified Communications refers to how communication tools and platforms can be combined into a single platform to streamline your communications.

By integrating different communication tools into a single solution, your business will save money – as you have fewer systems and devices to manage.

It also makes it easier for your employees to manage and receive business calls on the go, and will therefore keep your staff accountable.

MTN Business Mobile PBX

MTN Business offers a Mobile PBX (MPBX) platform that unifies your telephony needs into a single solution.

This gives you full management and control of your staff’s telephony needs while reducing costs across both fixed-line and mobile accounts.

This solution makes it easy for you to combine traditional fixed-line telephony features you have come to expect with the mobility and affordability of mobile voice.

Additionally, MTN Business MPBX lets you customise the solution to meet your unique requirements, and those who have replaced their old fixed and mobile solutions with MTN MPBX save between 40% and 70% on their telephony infrastructure and call costs.

Key benefits of MTN MPBX

MTN MPBX is a great solution for all types of businesses thanks to how versatile it is.

It can be used with any smartphone or entry-level feature phone, and it is easy to port your fixed-line number if you have one.

There is no need to install any apps, nor do you need any mobile data to make or receive calls.

Inbound calls on your business number will automatically be routed to a designated mobile device, and the call will show the caller’s number – making it easy to see who is calling.

Outbound calls will also show the business’s phone number rather than the user’s own mobile number.

Other valuable features available include caller ID, call forwarding, do not disturb settings, and automatic call back – everything you expect of your current PBX solution.

All of this means you can have a single mobile device which will receive and make calls for your business.

Furthermore, you can opt for extended features from MTN Business – which can be purchased separately and offer even more value.

Source: MyBroadband


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