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How BCX’s Unified Collaboration system will help businesses boost productivity

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Communication is key for any business in today’s digital age. Whether it’s voice, e-mails, video conferences or messaging, the internet is filled with ways to stay in touch with our friends, family and colleagues. But this plethora of communication tools can sometimes be confusing, overwhelming and costly – especially for businesses.

BCX, a subsidiary of Telkom has an innovative offering for business clients which combines these various methods of communication and consolidates them into one cloud-based hub called Unified Collaboration. Clement Manyathela recently hosted Sharon Maasdorp, Managing Executive at BCX, to discuss how Unified Collaboration can help South African businesses streamline communication, cut down on cost and ultimately boost productivity.

Listen to the full conversation here: https://omny.fm/shows/mid-morning-show-702/in-conversation-with-bcx-unified-collaboration-voi/embed

Maasdorp mentions how companies previously had to invest large sums of money into different communication platforms and technical support. But with Unified Collaboration solutions, BCX takes care of that added cost and simplifies the process of communicating effectively through their suite of integrated on-demand applications.

We’ve actually made the investment into these applications from our data centre. So all customers need to do is to connect either over the internet or via a dedicated connection. By connecting into our environment, you would have access to a rich portfolio of collaboration and communication tools.

Sharon Maasdorp, Managing Executive for Unified Collaboration, BCX

She also notes that customers are under no pressure to make use of all the services once signing up for Unified Collaborations and can “pay for what you use,” which allows customers to make the suite of solutions fit their business needs.

By having a single-integrated communication system, streamlining IT operations and having the option to be mobile, customers have been able to increase productivity while being cost-efficient, according to Maasdorp.

We’ve found that on average our customers are able to save up to 30%. From a communications perspective and a bottom-line perspective, that’s quite a big saving.

Sharon Maasdorp, Managing Executive for Unified Collaboration, BCX

There’s also a mobility benefit. And I think, with loadshedding, this is a big gamechanger. You can actually have your fully fledged office on the go.

Sharon Maasdorp, Managing Executive for Unified Collaboration, BCX

If you’re interested in evolving your business towards a productive, flexible, scalable future that gives you and your team the freedom to work closely together from anywhere, on any device, then BCX’s Unified Collaboration is for you. Migrate your legacy collaboration systems to next generation cloud-based solutions that provide cost transformation and predictability. Find out how you can get started on the official BCX Unified Collaboration website.

Source: 702

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