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Invest in the right headsets for the good communication and dynamic work environments of today.

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Investing in headsets, especially in today’s remote work environment, is a smart choice, as it not only enables remote communication but is proven to increase productivity, comfort and customer interaction over the phone.

Headsets offer a break from the traditional inconvenience of having to hold a phone up to your ear for possibly hours on end. What if you could make that crucial, but extremely long sales call just a bit easier? Headsets provide just that through hand-free capability, while still maintaining privacy for users.

There are many options to choose from, and assessing your budget is the first step in understanding which choice is possible for your business. There is no doubt that utilising a headset can improve your company’s workflow and operations.

Wired or Wireless?



Wired headsets are cabled from the headpiece down to the connecting device.



Wireless headsets are cordless and powered by batteries, connecting to the device you pair with it.

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Wired and wireless headsets each have their own unique values and choosing what to invest in depends on a few factors.

Depending on your preference for comfort, mobility, interoperability, and general usage needs either style could easily meet your desires.

Wired headsets are typically less expensive than wireless, however, you really shouldn’t put a price tag on what you need to be successful in your area of expertise. The main question you should have in mind is whether spending additional money is worth the investment? if spending that cost will bring you more value, then the answer in most situations is yes.

Being able to roam free in the office while continuing a call is valuable to your employees. It can boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work in new environments that  may spark a drive in their morale. Ultimately, using either a corded or a wireless headset will still provide the benefit of being hand-free, privacy, and not having to cradle a phone all day.

In the One or out the Other?


Monaural (Single Ear)

A monaural headset has only a single ear piece which can either be placed on the right or left ear.


Binaural (Double Ear)

A binaural headset has two earpieces for both the left and right ear.

What to ask your provider

Make sure to pair the right connection cord with your headset.

Whether you choose a corded or wireless headset, you will need a connecting cord between the headset and the handset to ensure that they can work together.

For wireless headsets, you will need to an electronic hook switch (EHS) cord or a manual lifter. Using either of these products will allow the user to answer a call on the headset or while you’re away from the desk. 

With a corded headset, the cord between the headset and the phone needs to be compatible with each other. The type of phone (manufacturer too) will determine which type of cord is needed.

Headsets don’t usually last very long, but ultimately comes down to how much you use them and how well you look after them. That being said, asking how long the headsets lasts and get the details like which parts can be replaced, what servicing can be done, and what service intervals are suggested?

Ask for your Warranty Certificate, and get confirmation on everything that is covered under the warranty.

Ask about product replacements if there is a manufacturer fault. You do not want to be in a situation where you are without a headset for weeks while your faulty device is shipped to the manufacturer for repair.

You may also want to find out from your chosen provider what the failure rate is of the devices over the past 12-24 months. This is a good indicator of headset build and quality.

Battery life

Ask what the battery life is like? Can you change the batteries yourself without affecting the warranty? How long does it hold charge, and how long does it take to charge?

Mobile pairing

If you’re buying a Bluetooth headset which you want to use with multiple devices like your PC and your mobile phone simultaneously, then you need to make sure that your headset supports multi-device Bluetooth pairing.

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