Four Things you Must Avoid in VoIP Auto Attendant

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VoIP Auto attendant phone system, voice prompts, and IVR menu greetings can be a useful way to deliver more information to your callers. Such as you can provide information about your current specials, business hours, closing for occasions, or a charity drive which you are going to be having soon. Since you already might have a clue about what you wish to say on your phone, we are going to provide you somethings that you should steer clear of:

  1. Giving Out-of-date Information: the information which you provide through your phone menu script has to be updated for your customers. You would not be wasting your customers time with outdated information which can lead to better customer satisfaction. It can be frustrating for a customer if they are given the wrong business hours, wrong address or an outdated website. You have to be sure if there is any change in your business which that you update in the recording accordingly. 

  2. A lot of options: it is significant to have enough choices to cover multiple departments of your company for your callers to speak to, however, you need to remember that listing a lot of options on the auto attendant menu can appear messy. The more options that you list the more it can confuse your customers, and the more chances of your customers ending up in the wrong department. If customers do not find a fit option then the keep on listening to get a better choice, however, by the option eight they forget what options one was, and they might end up hitting any random number, so they can speak to an agent. The whole point of providing these options is to get your customers to the right department, ensure that you make the options concise and clear. Remember who your callers are and what they generally call for. Your auto attendant menu has to be customised to the need of your callers. 

  3. Don’t busy the lead: the term ‘bury the lead’ is from journalism. Just like in the news the lead is the first sentence which ultimately conveys the main idea of the article. Similarly, if 80% of your callers pick option one over other options then don’t bury that particular option in the list of options. Making your callers wade through other choices is inefficient. Your menu should be in the order of priority order in which they are selected.  If you are not sure which option is selected more than asking your administrator for a report or you can talk to your employees. They will allow you to know who is calling and why.

  4. Cornering the Customer: while using an auto attendant you always need to provide your customers with the option to speak to a representative. They might not have an account number available or they might have some questions about the information in your menu. When you allow them to speak to a person then you can spare your customers from unnecessary frustration. If they know that each time they call your company, they will end up frustrated then they might start to associate negative experiences with your business.

Make sure that your phone script is clear, up to date, concise and helpful. Usually, customers call you because they have a problem with something and you don’t need to compound the issue, but you need to resolve it. You have to convey the message to your callers that you are considerate of your time by making them never take longer on a call than necessary.

Try This Phone Script Example for Auto Attendant 

When you are getting started with your VoIP phone for business, the auto attendant is a feature that you will have to configure. Today we are going to make this task easier. You can use the auto attendant phone script example for your small business. This script includes a formal and an informal script, each script is free for you to change. 

Auto Attendant Phone Script Example for Small Business

Small businesses have unique requirements. Usually, they have few workers, fewer resources, and a smaller storefront footprint compared to their counterparts. However, the business phone system of a small business has to be as strong as its resolve in order to defeat those challenges. In particular, an auto-attendant will have to route phone calls effectively whilst conveying the abilities of the business in question.

Your customers should get a sense of the size of your business from the first time they reach your business. This will set the stage for the interactions the calls should expect when they reach one of your agents. Even if you own a small business alone these phone scripts are for you. 

Informal phone Script

Introduction: “Hello, this is Marie from the Main street XYZ office. I hope you are having a good day. Our office is open Monday to Saturday from 8 to 6. You can check out our products and services on our online site any time at”

“press 1 for the main reception, press 2 to place an order.”

This script allows the personalization of the business owner to shine. It favors a warn greet and provides technical details of business-customer interaction. However, the greeting is quite short, and the location, hours, and phone tree choices are provided to the caller quickly.  

Formal phone Script

Introduction: “you have reached the main street XYZ office, open weekdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and online at”

“Press 1 for reception or press 2 to place an order.”

This is script has removed 5the personalized greetings. Instead, the hours and location of the company are placed at the front. The Callers get required information about the business’s location and hours so that they can decide quickly how to take action. 


Before you adopt and revise this phone script you must take some time to consider your business needs. Do you prefer a formal or informal approach? It is important that you list your hours, location, and site upfront.  These basics inquiries can help you pick a VoIP phone script for auto-attendant which is right for you and your customers. One which is easy to create, quick to hear, and simple to navigate.

Source: TheHearUp

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