Four Considerations on Telecom Infrastructure Management in 2022


For most industries, it is inconceivable that any part of business would not have already migrated to the cloud. Not so for telecom. As a matter of fact, 20 to 25% of global companies are still using legacy PBX systems and MPLS networks and waiting to replace them and move over to SD-WAN/mesh solutions. Advancements in telecom systems can only be done successfully after an infrastructure audit. This will identify operational weaknesses, threat vulnerabilities while measuring efficiencies in optimization and productivity. It will also identify challenges of coordination and integration of systems which must be overcome to measure the overall costs, value and usage and truly understand what is working and what needs to be improved.

To protect telecom investments, as well as build confidence with all stakeholders from the workforce to customers and partners, companies must know what is going on to determine what should be changed, eliminated or expanded for optimal success. Similar to the effectiveness achieved by utility infrastructure management, companies need to approach telecom divisions the same way. This will provide a roadmap to streamline efficiencies, costs and create sustainability in telecom procurement and processes which may include consolidating vendors along with other enhancements to improve customer experience while reducing the cost of ownership on current hardware. Most importantly, the telecom infrastructure program needs to have the ability to monitor, negotiate and validate services while effectively managing them to be prepared for what is coming next in technology, compliance and new costs.

Below are the four considerations when deciding on the right company for your telecom infrastructure management program.

Parlez-vous Telecom? Assume nothing and make sure they speak your same language. It is important to work with a team that has specific knowledge of telecom vs general infrastructure management. Make sure they know what your terms mean: VoIP, UCaaS, CPaaS, DSL, MLPS, PBX, POTS, SD-WAN, SIP, and other acronyms and language because finding a partner is more than just finding the right platform. Every successful company-contractor relationship requires sharing the same sensibilities when it comes to expectations on pace and process as well as knowing when to pivot. Speaking the same shorthand will be essential in achieving your goals.

What is their process? If you’re working with multiple teams across multiple departments, especially across the world, it is important to have a partner with the ability to assess all that you have in order to know how it can be improved. Ask questions to determine their process in evaluating the latest trends to bring you new ideas to improve your systems and help you scale. Find out if they have the right capabilities for testing and facilitating your next steps to customize, add, change, and integrate various components to optimize usage and value. More than just having new purchasing suggestions, it is important to learn how training, education and customer outreach will be conducted and communicated.

How will risk factors be identified and managed?
Malicious threats and vulnerabilities are real and being proactive is critical. Companies must be armed with advanced solutions that will provide endpoint protections. What proactive approach will they take to ensure your system is not vulnerable? Staying up to date on all new threats, protocols and current compliance standards is essential in telecom infrastructure management to protect the integrity of your data and avoid risk.

What role will they play in vendor selection and consolidation?
Reducing costs while improving your internal and external telecom operations should be the purpose and goal. Ask about their step-by-step process on due diligence, research and on-the-ground testing before recommendations are made. Find out their process for vendor selection and integrating your mission critical applications across the organization. Make sure they will be ready to increase performance and position your company for the next round of upgrades because in telecom we are always advancing!

Source: TelecomsReseller

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