Epygi: February 2021 Newsletter


Epygi has the right solution for managed service providers (MSPs). They can benefit from working with a single vendor and deliver both, feature-rich cloud and premise-based products which are backed up by a professional tech support team. We also have an effective monitoring tool, ecMON, which can be used remotely for properly operating and managing complex infrastructures, cloud-based services, and most importantly, would help to ensure the availability of the company’s business-critical voice network. Our cloud solutions can run on our platform or the MSP’s and are very cost-effective. Best of all we provide excellent support.

Epygi’s award-winning eQall softphone would be another great solution to deliver to customers, as it can become the user’s full desk phone replacement for such cases when they need to work from home. It can also be a secondary extension to the office phone. eQall features chat, video, contact directories, call history and voice mail in an easy-to-use application.

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