Empowering the Telecoms Industry: 5 Ways a Hosted PBX Facilitates Remote Working

Discover how a Hosted PBX can revolutionize remote working in the telecoms industry. Explore five essential features that enable real mobility, enhance customer service, provide individual user empowerment, facilitate remote meetings, and streamline managerial oversight.

Remote Working Revolutionized with a Hosted PBX for the Telecoms Industry 👇

As remote working becomes an integral part of the modern work landscape, businesses in the telecoms industry must equip their teams with the right tools to thrive in this new environment. Embracing the advancements in telecommuting technology is crucial for staying connected with both internal teams and customers. A Hosted PBX emerges as a key resource to establish a digital workplace and ensure business continuity.

1. Real Mobility and Flexibility with Softphones

Distance should no longer hinder communication between remote teams. Softphone apps, which are easy to deploy and device-neutral, allow staff to utilize their existing devices as work phones. With a combination of on-site and off-site employees becoming the norm, softphone apps unify communication under a single phone system, promoting collaboration, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Cool Feature: “Find me/Follow me” ensures you never miss a call, as it routes calls through assigned devices one after the other until answered. Different configurations enable simultaneous ringing of all assigned devices based on user preference.

2. Improved Customer Services with IVRs

Even with limited face-to-face interactions, businesses can maintain excellent customer experiences through automated voice greetings. IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) direct external calls to the most appropriate department, ensuring queries are handled accurately and promptly.

Cool Feature: “Advance Call Flows” enable customizable call routing, accommodating business hours, lunch breaks, and holidays.

3. Individual User Empowerment

A Hosted PBX puts power in the hands of individual users, allowing them to carry a personalized telephony solution in their pocket. Through a user portal, they can access call history, voicemails, and set up call diverts independently.

Cool Feature: “Voicemail to Email” provides access to voicemail via a dedicated email account, allowing users to stay connected on the go. 

4. Activating Conferencing Rooms for Remote Meetings

Virtual meetings have become essential for remote teams, and a cloud-hosted conferencing facility enables secure and efficient remote gatherings.

Cool Feature: “Conference Bridge” creates virtual rooms with access codes, enabling multiple participants to join conference calls.

5. Streamlined Managerial Oversight

For remote managers handling expansive teams, a Hosted PBX provides visibility into team productivity. Daily stats, such as the number of incoming calls, call durations, and wait times, enable effective oversight. Managers can reach their remote teams globally without worrying about costly call charges, as calls are charged internally through the unified telephony system.

Cool Feature: “Dial-by-Name Directory” grants managers quick access to a company-wide contact database.

Security Tip: Opt for VoIP over a VPN for enhanced protection of sensitive communications.

Are You Ready to Empower Your Team?

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About WhichVoIP.co.za

Since 2009, WhichVoIP.co.za has helped thousands of South African business to make better buying decisions for phone systems, VoIP and Fibre and Wireless internet connectivity. In this time, we’ve facilitated the connection of 50,000+ users through our network of 500+ telecoms providers.

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