Every business could benefit from Fibre Internet, but with all the options to choose from the choice can seem complicated.

Fortunately, we’re here to simplify the process and answer the most common questions you need to know before deciding on a suitable solution and providers for your business. Browse through the options and be sure to play around with the search option, too!

PS. If you want to know WHY we’ve asked this information, navigate to the bottom of the page for the reasons why it should matter to you!

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ProviderOperator / Reseller?Coverage MapFibre Packages and RatesSetup FeeRouterSupports Voice CallingValue Added ServicesContract TermSLA

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ResellerCellular Networks50GB
Dependent on last-mile fibre provider
No Charge for 24 Month contracts, otherwise R505 for a 12-month contract or R1,010 for Month to Month contracts.VoIPMonth to Month, 12, 24 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - Usually 99%
Monitoring - The overall networks are monitored to detect downtime or outages but individual connections are not monitored.
Support hours - Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Support - No charges for support, unless the call put is deemed unnecessary

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Reseller-Project dependentNo Charge for 24 Month contracts, otherwise R3,500-Month to Month, 24, 36 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 99%
Monitoring - Full monitoring provided
Support hours - 24/7
Support - Remote support and onsite support is offered. Support is free if the problem is with HD equipment.

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Reseller-Project dependent--Depends on the service selected.Guaranteed Uptime - Depending on the Network and the SLA in place, ranges from 98%-99.9%.
Monitoring - All Fibre networks have monitoring
Support hours - We operate between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, we can cater for after-hours services but an additional SLA will apply.
Support - Remote and onsite depending on the situation that needs to be resolved.

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ResellerView Coverage AreasUp to 15Mbps - R799
Up to 45Mbps - R999
Up to 75Mbps - R1,199
Up to 105Mbps - R1,399
Up to 1000Mbps - R1,999 - R2,999

Traffic split between local and international applies.
Month-to-month contract - R1500.00
6 month contract - R1000.00
12 month contract (XS, S, S+, M packages) - R750.00
12 month contract (L, L+, XL packages packages) - R0.00
+Premium - 1 Gigabit (1000 Mbps) speed to National and Local networks - R300.00/pm
Wifi Router - Model depends on required package, please contact our sales or area manager - Depends on model, starting from R550.00
VoIP Landline
Month to Month, 6, 12 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 99%
Monitoring - Full monitoring provided
Support hours - 24/7/365
Support - Remote support and onsite support is offered. Should a technician be required a R500 fee may be applicable.

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Licensed OperatorGauteng, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town.

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Business Fibre
10Mbps - R2,995
20Mbps - R3,799
30Mbps - R4,495
50Mbps - R5,495
100Mbps - R6,995
150Mbps - R8,995
200Mbps - R10,049
300Mbps - R12,049
500Mbps - R13,049
750Mbps - R16,049
1Gbps - R18,049
Once off 24 Months = R7800
Once off 36 Months = R7800
*Excluding VAT
-24, 36 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 99% operational uptime guarantee
Monitoring - Full monitoring provided
Support hours - 24/7
Support - Remote 24/7 support is R250 per month. Other support varies depending on services required and contractual agreement.

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Licensed Operator-Openserve Fibre
10 Mbps - R965
20 Mbps - R1,355
40 Mbps - R1,615
100 Mbps - R1,815
200 Mbps - R2,115

On Vumatel
20Mbps - R1,799
50Mbps - R2,399
100Mbps - R4,499
R5,500Free Virtual PBX on any FTTB service12, 24 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 100% uptime guarantee in business hours (7am to 7pm). This guarantee can be extended to 24 hours a day for businesses that run critical applications after hours.
Monitoring - Monitoring provided during support hours thereafter standby monitoring is provided.
Support hours - Monday-Sunday 7.30am - 10pm
Support - Remote support is offered. Dedicated support is available for business clients.

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Licensed Operator-NeoBroadband Fibre
5Mbps - R1,600
10Mbps - R3,050
15Mbps - R5,100
20Mbps - R6,600
30Mbps - R8,200
50Mbps - R11,700
100Mbps - R13,000
200Mbps - R17,000
A once-off fee of R1,500 is applicable to all new services for site surveying and installation costs.5 Static Public IP addresses

12 SIP Voice channels with NeoBroadband for R500 per month.

Bandwidth Booster services
12, 24, 36, 60 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee, your downtime is almost zero.
Monitoring - Monitoring provided
Support hours - SLA clients 24/7/365
Support - Support available via our Service Desk.

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Licensed Operator-10Mbps - R2,309
25Mbps - R3,946
50Mbps - R6,547
100Mbps - R11,429
200Mbps - R21,104
500Mbps - R46,871
1024Mbps - R80,740
R6,600Voice VLAN

Public IP Address
24 MonthsSupport available via our Service Desk.

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Licensed OperatorNational

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Uncapped Business Fibre on the Vodacom Network - 24 Month Contract
10Mbps - R649
20Mbps - R899
50Mbps - R1,199
100Mbps - R1,599

Premium Business Fibre on the Vodacom Network

(12/24/36 Month Contracts)
5Mbps - R999/R799/R699
10Mbps - R1199/R999/R899
20Mbps - R1399/R1199/R1099
50Mbps - R1799/R1599/R1499
100Mbps - R2099/R1899/R1799
No Charge in most casesFree LTE while you wait

Free back up over LTE

Dynamic and Static IP addresses

Voice enabled

Optional fixed line IP Talk offers 2 x IP Talk accounts with 087 numbers
12, 24, 36 MonthsSupport available via our Service Desk.
Wireless Business Internet is a business service offering layer 2 and Internet connectivity. This is a best effort service as it is subject to a 10:1 contention ratio. We guarantee minimum access speeds (at full contention) to be approximately 1/10 of the subscribed speed or service plan.

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Licensed OperatorNational

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10Mbps - R399
20Mbps - R699
40Mbps - R849
100Mbps - R999
200Mbps - R1,399

4Mbps - R499
10Mbps - R609
20Mbps - R829
100Mbps - R1,029
200Mbps - R1,329


8Mbps - R499
10Mbps - R689
20Mbps - R859
50Mbps - R1,059
100Mbps - R1,259
200Mbps - R1,459
R1,725 on Vumatel, otherwise No ChargeFree Talk time every month on WebAfrica Voice. Month to MonthSupport available via our Customer Zone. Live chat is available between 7am – 5pm. weekdays or via our Whatsapp support line.

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Licensed Operator-5Mbps - R499
10Mbps - R599
25Mbps - R749
50Mbps - R999
100Mbps - R1,199
200Mbps - R2,299
12 Months - R5,000
24 Months - R2,500
36 Months - R1,500
Cloud based services

Voice services (PRI/SIP)

Carrier Ethernet VLAN (L2) services
12, 24, 36 MonthsGuaranteed Uptime - 99% (equating to 7.2 hours per month downtime on average).
Monitoring - Full monitoring provided. Response time – 1 hour. Mean time to respond – 7 hours.
Support hours - 24/7/365 to attend to all telephonic, e-mail and web-based support queries.
Support - Remote support and onsite support is offered.

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On Vumatel Network
5Mbps - R999
10Mbps - R1,899
20Mbps - R1,999
50Mbps - R2,699
100Mbps - R4,999

On Rosebank Fibre
5/1 Mbps - R1,199
5/5 Mbps - R1,799
10/5 Mpbs - R2,399
20 Mbps - R3,599
50 Mbps - R4,999
100 Mbps - R10,799

Maboneng Precinct
5Mbps - R999
20Mbps - R1,999
50Mbps - R2,699
100Mbps - R4,999

10/5Mbps - R1,899
20/10Mbps - R1,999
40/20Mbps - R2,699
100/50Mbps - R4,999
200/100Mbps - R6,999

10Mbps - R1,299
50Mbps - R2,699
100Mbps - R4,999
200Mbps - R5,999
300Mbps - R6,999
Vumatel R1009 Connection Fee
Rosebank Fibre R5500 Connection Fee
Maboneng Precinct R1009 Connection Fee
No Charge with Openserve
Octotel R999 Connection Fee
Free Router on Vumatel and Maboneng PrecinctMonth to MonthSupport available via our Support Desk
Licensed OperatorNational

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Softcap Packages
10Mbps - R705.13
20Mbps - R806.01
40Mbps - R1,007.76
100Mbps - R1,613.03
No ChargeFree Telkom calls

Free SMSs

Free Data for streaming

Free Night Surfer Data* (Midnight - 7am)

Email account (with 3GB of storage and 5 aliases)

Order Online and get a Free WiFi Range Extender
24 MonthsLog a fault via our Support team. Technician will be despatched depending on the fault.

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10Mbps - R989
20Mbps - R1,389
40Mbps - R1,589
100Mbps - R1,889

The above is on the Openserve network.

Capped Unshaped

10Mbps + 130GB - R789
20Mbps + 200GB - R1,029
40Mbps + 300GB - R1,219
100Mbps + 600GB - R1,779
No ChargeFree Router

2x Free @openweb email addresses
24 MonthsWe offer support via email or telephone when you need it most.

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Licensed OperatorMajor Metros

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10Mbps - R2,499
50Mbps - R5,499
100Mbps - R8,999

50Mbps with 50Gb Data - R1,499
100Mbps with 100Gb Data - R2,499
100Mbps with 1Tb Data - R8,999
R5,500.00 - fee is wavered if a 36 month contract is takenVoIP12, 24, 36 Months24/7/365 Support and Monitoring.

So, you want to know why you need to know this information?

Well, we have consulted with hundreds of businesses to understand their main criteria when comparing Fibre providers. We’ve tried our best to describe why we believe each point is valid.

  • Is an Operator or Reseller? – Simply put, an Operator is licensed by the regulator in South Africa, ICASA, and may build their own Fibre infrastructure and network, and will be responsible for the network management and monitoring. This carries a significant investment and responsibility. Resellers may leverage an Operator to provide services on top of the Operators infrastructure. Whilst they may or may not do their own billing, Resellers have no control over the Operators network. 
  • Coverage Map – Whilst the rollout of Fibre infrastructure is well underway, there’s no guarantee that’s it is available in your area. It is best to check the Coverage Map of the provider to make sure that they, or their infrastructure provider, has Fibre in the area and that the feasibility study has been completed.
  • Fibre Rates and Packages – You need to calculate your usage demands (in terms of speed) and how much data your business may end up using. It is also important to understand whether there is any contention ratio with your service, which would mean that you would share the same connection with other businesses at times. All of these factors come into play when selecting the right package for your business.
  • Setup Fee – It is important to ask your provider what it is going to cost to join their network. That may be for service activation, installation, any hardware required, and more.
  • Router – Although most providers will include a Router with the service, it would be good for you to understand the terms of acceptance, for example, does the device belong to you? If you cancel, are you liable for a Router fee? What are the terms if the Router fails? Make sure that you read the fine print in your agreement.
  • Supports Voice Calling – Great! Now that you have super-fast Fibre, you’ll want to add OTT (Over-The-Top) services too. Starting with Voice is a great idea. If the provider supports Voice calling, it means that they can provide a managed calling solution with great call quality.
  • Value Added Services – Who doesn’t want to get more value from their service? Some providers may offer services which appeal to you, or fit in with your business strategy, for example, Cloud services. When engaging with your Provider be sure to ask them everything that they can offer or provide over that Fibre link, and see which of those you stand to benefit from.
  • Contract Term – Get to know how long you are committed for, and what your notice period would be – check your contract terms and conditions and be 100% sure of the automatic contract renewal terms of cancellation fees.
  • SLA – You need to have this discussion with your Partner. Is there an SLA? Will that give you a guaranteed support response? Does it include all the fees, including callouts? All of these are valuable questions you need to ask and keep a record of at your office!

Have we missed something?

Let us know what you feel is important to you in the comments below and we’ll work on incorporating it into our Comparison!