WhichVoIP News Roundup – Week 32

Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for end-users, week 32. This week’s top n..

The Carrot and the Phish

Best practice insights for building a security-centric culture that can withstand any attack in..

Fibre the key to more effective community policing

Bringing reliable, affordable, high-speed fibre connectivity to a community involves more than ..

Transforming your small business into a smart business

Businesses that survive the COVID-19 pandemic should - now more than ever - strive to be a digi..

10bn credentials are exposed online

South Africa has found itself among the top 10 countries with exposed online databases and ..

3CX: The Recovery Will Be Digitized: Bouncing Back from COVID 19

Posted on August 4th, 2020 by Ellen Wilkinson, Partner Communications Manager We k..

MTN plans to sell stake in Jumia – Report

MTN Group Ltd. is planning to sell part or all of its $243 million interest in Jumia Tech..

Yeastar: What is VoIP Hot Desking and Why Do You Need It?

Derived from a “share culture”, Hot Desking refers to a concept that office workers sharing..

Covid-19 still negatively impacts global smartphone market

The continued global pandemic is impacting the worldwide smartphone market. Even as some cou..

Despite challenges, AI still on a growth trajectory

Worldwide revenues for the artificial intelligence (AI) market, including software, hardware, a..