Call-back from NoPBX means free calls for remote switchboard users

Discover how NoPBX is revolutionising remote work connectivity with its innovative Call-back service, creating a seamless connection for employees without the need for apps or costly setups. Explore the future of mobile switchboard users in South Africa.

NoPBX, South Africa’s own locally-developed, hosted mobile PBX (mPBX) solution; has introduced a free Call-back service class for remote employees.

This calling innovation effectively introduces a new class of mobile switchboard user who can call a predefined office number which will automatically and immediately call them back from the company switchboard.

The call can then be transferred to anywhere within the organisation.  This means that companies are now able to connect far more of their employees to their switchboard than with a standard desk phone VoIP service.

“There’s been a worldwide boom in the number of employees working outside the office – in delivery, sales, service and related positions. All of these users can now be seamlessly connected to their company NoPBX system through their existing cellphones, resulting in complete connectivity for the whole enterprise, throughout the entire business day,” says Anton Potgieter, of the Cape Town-based tech startup NoPBX.

The move to more out-of-office workers, however, brings new challenges around the management of costs, as well as app compatibility issues on feature phones or more budget smartphones. NoPBX’s answer to this has been to create the “Call-back User”. 

Critically, NoPBX’s Call-back users do not need to install or run the NoPBX app on their cellphones. Because of this, they can connect to the office using any cellphone or even a landline, and do not need a smartphone.  

Call-back calls are completely free of charge to the user’s cellphone, as they are incoming calls. All calls made to Call-back users from the switchboard are treated by NoPBX’s billing system as Internal calls and are therefore also free.

Regular NoPBX switchboard calls can also be transferred to any Call-back user, again without the need for the user to have the NoPBX app installed.  This is a significant advantage over VoIP mobile systems, that can only function while their smartphone app is installed and connected.

Potgieter says, “The new Call-back User feature fills a real need for many of our customers; their users are properly connected to the organisation as an integral part of the switchboard, without the need for any software or hardware – which keeps it really simple; and while they can call and be called internally, they are not able to call out on the company account which keeps call costs under firm control.”

This is an ideal solution for a company like a courier service, allowing them to connect all their drivers to the office and each other for free, without needing to provide them with personal airtime and data each month.

The groundbreaking NoPBX technology is unique because it connects switchboard calls over pure GSM voice, instead of using voice-over-data.  Now NoPBX have taken this a step further, allowing the same flawless service and call quality for Call-back users without them even needing to install an app.

Since launch, NoPBX has found particular favour amongst small and medium-sized businesses, up to around 100 users – the SME market – due to its easy and fast implementation, and real-time management.  NoPBX now boasts clients across all industries, from agriculture and technology to hospitality, events, doctors and lawyers.  

Prospective NoPBX customers are able to connect just a handful of users to test in parallel with their existing phone system, and can then bring the full organisation on board once they are happy with the features and notably the call quality.  Adding peace of mind, there are no contracts involved, as the system runs on a pay as you go basis.

About Trabel and NoPBX™

Trabel (Pty) Ltd is a South African technology development company founded in 2019, based in Cape Town and operational throughout South Africa.  NoPBX™ is a cloud hosted business switchboard system or Mobile PBX that runs over GSM, with Android, Huawei and iOS smartphone connectivity.

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