BitCo Telecoms launches business broadband Fibre for SME’s

BitCo Telecoms launches business broadband Fibre coupled with SD-WAN and Cloud Security

BitCo Telecoms, established in 2006 and operating under IECNS and IECS licenses since 2011, has launched their Business Broadband Fibre Offering on the back-bone of Dark Fibre Africa’s (DFA) national Broadband Network. In addition, BitCo has also partnered with many of the leading Fibre Network Operators (FNO) Broadband Providers to offer extensive coverage and a cost-effective connectivity solution for small to medium size businesses.

The launch of BitCo Business Broadband enhances their current Fibre offering, offers unprecedented value and expands coverage across the country. Their plan is to continue to partner with more FNO’s in the future to grow their national Fibre footprint and lower the cost of connectivity to the Small to Mediums sized business across South Africa.

BitCo Telecom’s current Business Broadband Fibre partners are:





-Metro Fibre Networks (MFN)


-Huge Networks

Michael Colin, BitCo Chief Sales Officer, said “Our goal is to enhance our service and product offering to add more value to our customers and service them better. Our new product offering as one example includes a new broadband service within DFA connected buildings that starts from as little as R1,399.00 per month. We are also giving * FREE installation for businesses within these DFA connected buildings for orders received between 15 March 2021 and 31 May 2021. There are currently over 16 000+ connected buildings/ office parks across the country and is growing. These businesses can now benefit from a Fibre Internet service at a reduced price.”

The recent partnership that was formed with Fortinet towards the end of 2020 has also enabled businesses to now couple their broadband Fibre with a SD-WAN and/ or Cloud Security solution. The underlying principles of these products is to ensure consistent and high-performance connectivity, real-time load balancing, and seamless connection failover whilst still offering a robust centralised security solution.

Colin adds, “Being a National Fibre and Wireless player we have enhanced the product offering in line with market requirements and we believe this will allow a further penetration of high-speed internet access to customers. Our Fibre Broadband services offer a best-effort low-cost alternative to our dedicated Corporate Fibre service with guaranteed uptimes and throughput. “

Further to BitCo’s Fibre expansion they completed an impressive upgrade to a large proportion of their Wireless network. These upgrades to the Network have allowed BitCo to cut pricing substantially with business Wireless links starting from as little as R999 per month. Should Wireless or Fibre connectivity not be feasible, BitCo has also launched Fixed-LTE as a primary Internet connection or as a fail-over option which compliments our SD-WAN and Security offering.

For more information about BitCo Broadband Fibre, SD-WAN, Cloud Security and Fixed LTE please visit or e-mail

*Broadband free installation promotion is only available on DFA business broadband services. Subject to terms and conditions.


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