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AVOXI vs TRUENAV: The Features, Pricing, and Benefits

WhichVoIP.co.za wants to help you make the best buying decision for your business. And what better way to do this than a head-to-head comparison between two top-rated VoIP service providers (South Africa)?
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A comprehensive guide on AVOXI and TRUENAV with WhichVoIP.co.za

South African businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to VoIP service providers. To find the provider and VoIP package that best suits your needs and requirements, you must consider everything a VoIP service provider offers. It’s only when you think about the price, features, products, and customer service on offer that you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your business phone system needs.

WhichVoIP.co.za wants to help you make the best buying decision for your business. And what better way to do this than a head-to-head comparison between two top-rated VoIP service providers (South Africa)? 

Today, we’re playing devil’s advocate between AVOXI and TRUENAV. Let’s see who comes out on top for your business!

AVOXI and uThetha Telecoms at a glance

Avoxi vs TrueNav

Who is AVOXI?

AVOXI is a globally recognised provider of cloud communication services that offers virtual phone numbers and solutions to businesses worldwide. With more than two decades of experience, AVOXI has an established presence in over 120 countries, making it one of the world’s largest providers of international virtual phone numbers.

The company simplifies global business communications through its cloud communication platform, enhancing productivity with a centralised dashboard. AVOXI caters to diverse industries and is committed to delivering superior-quality services, award-winning customer support, and ensuring seamless communication for businesses worldwide. 

AVOXI’s esteemed clientele benefits from its reliable and efficient services, setting them apart as industry leaders.


TRUENAV is a leading business telecommunications solutions and equipment provider in South Africa. Headquartered in Goodwood in the Western Cape, TRUENAV offers services throughout the country, providing a one-stop shop for companies of all sizes looking for telecommunications consulting and savings on their call costs, solutions, products, and services.

TRUENAV’s solutions and products empower their customers to streamline their voice and data communication infrastructure, which is key to achieving cost reductions and improving efficiency. Their solutions are instrumental in helping customers to grow their market share and maintain customer loyalty.

AVOXI vs TRUENAV: Key Features, Products, and Services


AVOXI offers local, international, and toll-free virtual phone numbers in over 120 countries. This enables businesses to connect with customers from around the world easily.

AVOXI also offers a cloud communication platform, enhancing efficiency through access to a single dashboard. Businesses can access and manage all their communication tools and services in one place, streamlining their operations and saving them time and resources.

AVOXI’s call recording service allows businesses to record and store calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance. This feature helps businesses monitor and improve their call centre performance, ensuring they deliver high-quality customer service.

Additionally, AVOXI provides an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that automates incoming call routing and menu options. This enhances customer experiences and improves efficiency by providing callers with the correct information and routing them to the appropriate department or agent.

AVOXI’s global SIP trunking service enables businesses to connect their PBX or IP phone system to their global network, allowing for high-quality voice calls worldwide. Now businesses can easily communicate with their customers and partners regardless of location.

Lastly, AVOXI provides dedicated customer account management, ensuring personalised service and support. Their team of experts can help your business select the right communication solutions, set up and configure services, and provide ongoing support to ensure your success.



With a team of industry-leading technical and project management resources, TRUENAV has been the preferred telecommunications services company for many clients since 2006.

One of their key services is telecommunications consulting. Many organisations struggle to develop an ideal telecommunications strategy for their business, and TRUENAV can help. 

TRUENAV can audit your telecoms environment and guide you to the best approach. They even customise their services to suit your specific needs as they understand that finding a vendor that offers a one-size-fits-all solution is difficult.

TRUENAV also offers PBX/PABX maintenance and has the technical skills and resources to maintain and service all types of business telephone systems. This includes traditional PABX, Hybrid PABX, IP PBX, and Hosted PBX. The company’s maintenance services are performed through a service level agreement with guaranteed response and fix times. A handy bonus is that they carry spares to meet these obligations.

TRUENAV also offers a range of VoIP services, including VoIP connectivity, Hosted PBX services, and cheaper call rates through their Telephone Management Systems. Their VoIP services support advanced features like IVR, call forwarding, call recording, and much more to ensure businesses can handle their call volumes appropriately and route callers where they need to go quickly.

TRUENAV’s Voice as a Service (VaaS) business model is for customers who require an outsourced telecom model for their business phone system environment. This allows you to migrate from paying for all physical equipment, maintenance and support fees, and telco call rates to paying only per extension per month for using their voice services.

Lastly, TRUENAV has vast experience rolling out small- and large-scale projects and provides excellent project management services. Their methodologies and documentation ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

💎 How to choose the right VoIP service provider?

If you want the best VoIP service provider, you must compare pricing, features, and customer service. One of the easiest ways to do this is through WhichVoIP’s provider directory. Simply select your desired category and sort by location, reviews, views, or ratings. From there, you can explore the different options, features, prices, etc. 

Our top tip is always to consider the VoIP service providers that have proven themselves in the market. Choosing the right provider is a consultative process, and the more information you can supply about your environment, goals, objectives, and budget, the better. Doing this allows providers to build a solution that will meet your specific requirements – a win-win for both sides!

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Since 2009, WhichVoIP.co.za has helped thousands of South African business to make better buying decisions for phone systems, VoIP and Fibre and Wireless internet connectivity. In this time, we’ve facilitated the connection of 50,000+ users through our network of 500+ telecoms providers.

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