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Aspect Training and Certification Updates

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Many of our ACE 2019 attendees got first-hand experience with some of the changes within the Aspect Education Services (AES) organization.  The Aspect Master Program was a first look at how users can become experts on the solutions they use every day by taking classes that lead to obtaining a certified professional certificate.  The Aspect Master Program was just the beginning of new learning opportunities from AES.

We’re working on some exciting updates and upgrades to Aspect trainings and certifications that I want to share with you:

Certification Tracks

Our certification tracks continue to be built out.  Our Aspect Workforce Management specialist tracks for forecasting, scheduling, and tracking are 100% built out. The required Knowledge Valid (KV) tests will be loaded into the new LMS by the end of the year. These specialist’s tracks do not require a proctored exam but do require the passing the KV test.  The Aspect® Workforce Management, Aspect® Unified IP®, Aspect® CXP, Aspect® Quality Management and Aspect® Performance Management professional tracks are nearing completion with the first track released by the end of the year.  We are diligently working to update the current offering and create new courses and content.

Certification Exams

Our Professional and Expert exams will be peer and subject matter expert (SME) reviewed before being added to the vendor’s testing platform.  The first exam will be released by the end of the year with the rest of the Professional exams to be released by the second quarter of 2020.

Course Upgrades

Our classes have been updated to reflect the newest releases to address any gaps and changes. All courses in the new LMS will reflect the latest release of the product.

Curriculum / Modality Updates

Our goal is to make our training available anytime, anywhere. By the end of 2020, we want each course we create will include a digital option. Some classes may be recorded, with the ability to watch the class and stop to do labs, while others may have a more robust eLearning option.

We want to continue to provide you with opportunities to expand your knowledge and add value to your organization as well as your career with these certifications.  We look forward to your feedback as we expand our programs and simplify the process to make it easier to build your skills and are excited about the positive changes and taking place.

Visit the Aspect Education Services page to browse our training, find a live class and learn more.

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