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8 Must-Have Features of Modern VoIP Phone Systems

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The VoIP-based modern phone systems greatly help automate your communication flow through various advanced calling features. But which features do you really need? That we’ll find out today, in this guide. For instance, we’ll go over the most crucial VoIP phone system features so you know exactly what to look for in VoIP phone service. Let’s get started. 

What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The VoIP phone systems use the internet to enable communications, serving as an advanced alternative to traditional copper wire landlines. Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phone systems are a modern-day solution and provide several extra features at a lower price. 

8 Must-Have Features of a Modern Phone System

Here we’ll look into the most important VoIP phone system features in 2022:

Call Routing

Call routing is an incredibly time-saving feature of modern VoIP phone systems. It’s a method of directing incoming phone calls and eliminates the need for a dedicated person who would forward calls to the right staff. Instead, you can predetermine call forwarding rules and criteria using this feature. 

For instance, you can set your VoIP phone system to forward the call to another customer care department if one is unavailable. Similarly, you can set it to redirect an incoming call to the relevant staff as the caller dials a predefined digit.

Auto Attendant 

Auto attendant is yet another highly useful calling feature that helps customer care teams operate more productively. This feature provides automated call answering, caller messaging, and call forwarding to help your support agents save time. 

Having an auto attendant set up on your VoIP phone means you won’t need a receptionist to repeat common information again and again. Examples include office location and business hours. Auto-attendant also ensures your callers don’t have to wait in a queue, ensuring they have a good user experience. 

Call Forwarding

Your callers are prone to feeling disrespected if they don’t get answered. Call forwarding helps you ensure no calls go unanswered by transferring them to an available agent of the relevant department. For instance, you can instantly route business calls to your personal phone when you’re not at the office. 

As call forwarding lets you support agents attend the calls from anywhere, it gives them more flexibility and increases their job satisfaction. Also, as your agents won’t have to be at the office to pick up calls, call forwarding can increase your staff availability. 

Call Recording

Recording your customer care calls can help you find flaws in your support service so you can provide a better user experience to your customers. It’s also effective when you want to train new customer care employees. Apart from that, having call recordings at hand will help you provide valuable feedback to your support agents. 

Call Analytics

The modern VoIP phone systems track a variety of data, like incoming calls, average call duration, and average call wait time. Similarly, you might be able to monitor the performance of different customer care and sales agents to see who’s bringing you the most business. 

Having detailed call analytics at hand can help you make the most out of your customer care and marketing budget. For instance, you’ll be able to eliminate the calling strategies that don’t work and adapt the ones that bring the highest ROI (return over investment). 

Advanced Call Management

Call management is yet another crucial feature of a VoIP phone system. It provides a bird’s eye view of incoming calls so you can quickly attend, prioritize, hold, forward, and block them as desired. Having a proper call manager app will help you reduce the call waiting time and abandonment rate to improve your customer service overall. 

Business Text Messaging

Most VoIP business phone systems offer unlimited text messaging, so you can message your customers freely. Unlike emails that are often marked as spam, text messages have a high open-rate to support your marketing efforts. 

Having text messaging in your VoIP phone system feature suite can help you send marketing texts to all your customers in seconds. Also, business text messaging serves as a decent solution for customers who don’t feel comfortable with phone calls.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can class up your business communications by enabling effective conversations with your partners and employees. On top of that, you can also level up your marketing with video conferencing, by holding events like product demos and deal closing. 

Final Words

VoIP phone systems are a great alternative to traditional landlines and pack various advanced features that set them apart. In this guide, we’ve explored 8 must-have features of VoIP phone systems to ensure you find a good deal for yourself. The most important ones include call routing, call analytics, and auto attendant.

Source: GISuser

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