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5 Essential Hosted PBX Features Transforming Business Communication

Unleash business potential with revolutionary hosted PBX features. Explore streamlined communication and innovative solutions.
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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, harnessing the right technology can be the key to enhancing efficiency and profitability. As I explored a recent article by Vadim Kononyuk, I discovered a comprehensive breakdown of the top five game-changing features that hosted PBX systems offer to modern businesses. With the rapid evolution of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hosted PBX technology, companies of all sizes now have access to a suite of functionalities that go beyond traditional telephony, saving costs, optimizing productivity, and paving the way for seamless operations.

In the past, business phone systems were often viewed as a necessary expense with limited capabilities beyond voice communication. However, the landscape has transformed drastically. Traditional landline-based PBX systems are becoming outdated due to their equipment-heavy, costly, and inflexible nature. Enter hosted PBX, a cloud-based solution that offers over 40 features, making it an attractive alternative for businesses seeking modern communication tools without the upfront investment and maintenance headaches.

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This feature ensures seamless mobility by redirecting calls to any device or number. Regardless of an employee’s location or device, calls can easily reach them, enhancing connectivity for field workers, remote employees, and more.


Acting as a virtual secretary, the auto-attendant ensures that no call goes unanswered. It efficiently routes callers to the appropriate person or department based on customizable messages.

Fax- and Voice-to-Email

 Hosted PBX connects fax machines to digital devices, enabling received faxes to be routed to internet-enabled devices for easy access. Additionally, voicemail messages are transcribed to text and sent to predefined email addresses, enhancing accessibility and saving resources.

Queue Management

 Efficiently organising incoming calls, the call queue software minimises wait times for callers. The system allows dynamic adjustments to the queue and notifies agents discreetly when queues grow or wait times are excessive.

Conference Calls

Facilitating cost-effective collaboration, hosted PBX offers comprehensive conference call features, including real-time monitoring, integration with audio and web conferencing, and advanced call management.

One of the standout advantages of hosted PBX is its cost-effectiveness. By eliminating the need for onsite equipment, businesses can reduce initial capital investments and ongoing management expenses. The technology shifts the responsibility of maintenance to service providers, ensuring equipment is up-to-date and expertly managed.

Read more at: https://www.net2phone.com/blog/5-great-hosted-pbx-features

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As a leading provider of communication solutions, net2phone offers a range of tools, including hosted PBX solutions, tailored to streamline modern business communications. Their cloud-based approach ensures businesses can leverage the benefits of advanced phone systems without the traditional complexities.

Embracing hosted PBX means embracing efficiency, mobility, and seamless collaboration. With its transformative features and advantages, it’s no wonder that businesses across industries are turning to this technology to drive success in today’s competitive landscape. If you’re interested in upgrading your communication systems and reaping the benefits of hosted PBX, consider reaching out to net2phone for a free demo or a customised quote.

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Since 2009, WhichVoIP.co.za has helped thousands of South African business to make better buying decisions for phone systems, VoIP and Fibre and Wireless internet connectivity. In this time, we’ve facilitated the connection of 50,000+ users through our network of 500+ telecoms providers.

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