3CX: Video Review: Set Up Your Free Cloud Phone System in Minutes!

IT expert, and user and fan of 3CX, NetworkChuck, has done it again! This time, the YouTuber has gone ahead and set up 3CX in the Cloud, opting for an AWS deployment. To show you just how easy it really is to get a free cloud phone system, he documented the journey – from AWS account creation to making outbound calls and setting up an IVR – in LESS than 30 minutes!

Check out Chuck’s review and walk-through of the installation below and read on to find out more about 3CX in the cloud!

What do I need to install a free cloud phone system in Amazon AWS?

As Chuck points out in his video, you really don’t need anything in the way of hardware to get started. But you will need:

-A cloud account – check out Chuck’s video to see how to get started with AWS

-A 3CX license – sign up at the bottom of this page to get your free subscription!

-A SIP trunk (if you want to make and receive external calls) – check out our supported SIP trunk providers

Why 3CX in the cloud?

Deploying 3CX in the cloud gives you an easy to manage solution without any of the costs or hassle associated with hardware based systems. You can get started now.

You can grab your free 3CX license, free hosting for a year, and the SIP trunk of your choice, for a low cost, zero hassle solution. You don’t even need IP phones! Easily set up extensions on laptops and PCs with the web client, or on Android and iOS smartphones with the mobile apps.

For an even easier solution, you can opt to go hosted with 3CX, and we’ll take care of running, monitoring and updating your system.

Will 3CX in the cloud work for my company?

The best thing about 3CX in the cloud is its ability to scale. There are no restrictions on how big your system can become because there is no physical hardware involved.

It’s a great solution for:

-Small businesses with limited resources

-Startups looking for a quick solution that can be easily scaled

-A home business owner

-Larger organizations looking for enterprise level features

Start off with a free license, try it out and if you need additional call capacity, enterprise features, or help with your setup you can upgrade easily or get assistance from a 3CX reseller.

Check out our AWS installation guide and our Hosted installation guide, and don’t forget to tell us about your setup in the comments!

Posted on May 5th, 2021 by Amy Elliott, Head of Content

Sourced from: 3CX. View the original article here.

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