3CX to offer free communications solution to businesses in wake of Covid-19


3CX, developer of the award-winning business communications solution, has today announced that they will be offering their software to organizations in Cyprus completely free of charge for 3 years. The offer has been released in the wake of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, which has forced the government to close schools and consider further action for businesses across the island.

The Cypriot company, which operates from Engomi, is hoping to support local businesses during the shutdown by providing free communications software to enable employees to work from home. The free business solution is available as of today. 3CX is also working on a separate solution more suitable for schools, which will allow teachers and students to keep in contact.

All the features you need to work productively, remotely

The software includes features such as smartphone apps and a web app which allow users to connect, make calls and more from their mobile devices or laptop. Additionally, it includes access to video conferencing and collaboration tools for face to face meetings and web-based lessons for teachers and pupils. Companies looking to keep open a line of communication with their customers can do so with 3CX’s Live Chat and Talk website plugin. All of this is integrated with the free software that 3CX is offering.

3CX has set up a special page on its website for companies wishing to obtain a free license. The offer will only be valid for registrations through  this  URL  and until the crisis has passed.

The company has a history of supporting local causes in Cyprus, being the sponsors of numerous sporting teams and events, and receiving special recognition for their contribution to employment and business on the island.

For further information and to register for the free 3CX software license, please visit the 3CX website on their dedicated page.

Source: CyprusMail


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