Unpacking Google’s DMT two years on – still an enigma for many

Google’s Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT) programme was launched in South Africa in July 2019. The need for the solution was significant then, and is even greater two years later. Despite the many benefits DMT brings for brands looking to accelerate their business growth through digital transformation, the framework remains an enigma for many marketing leaders. […]

Unified communications market up significantly so far in 2021

The unified communications (UC) market has continued to steam ahead in 2021, with an analysis of the first few months of 2021 indicating that demand is remaining firm. An analysis of the demand for UC across Europe in the first few months of the year found that sales through distribution were up by 60% year […]

Where Data Analytics and Unified Communications Intersect

Unified Communications (UC) systems have paved the way for more efficient means to communicate within businesses. This, in turn, expedites business processes and makes for a more efficient way to relay information overall. And its popularity is apparent in how the field has evolved over the years. From 2015 to 2018, the UC market has […]