WhatsApp privacy concerns in South Africa explained

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy may go against the data protection principles of purpose limitation and data minimisation, warns Michalsons attorney Nathan-Ross Adams. Facebook recently issued a notice to WhatsApp users which forced them to accept new terms of service and privacy policy by 8 February 2021 to continue using the app. The new privacy policy […]

How to buy a phone system with confidence in 2021

A couple of decades ago, telecommunications was a specific function and service, and you knew exactly where its place was in your business. Today, there are multiple services available from these same service providers, which extends to including Voice over IP, phone systems, video collaboration, Internet connectivity, cloud technology, security and more. Each of these […]

Epygi: January 2021 Newsletter

Flyingvoice’s FIP13G VoIP phones are compatible with Epygi’s feature-rich and customizable IP PBXs. Flyingvoice is known for providing customers, with high-quality VoIP solutions. Its VoIP phones provide great value, advanced features, ranging from simple calling features to high-call volume devices for larger needs. FIP13G Advanced Business IP Phone 4 SIP accounts 9 DSS keys, 9 […]

Identifying (Potentially) Difficult Customers

People who have spent a certain amount of time selling to and servicing customers are very quickly able to identify certain patterns in customer behavior, indicating the ones more likely to be difficult to work with than others. Below I’ve listed the most common warning signs that you’ve got a problematic customer on your hands. Customers Who […]

How ChatOps Can Improve IT Operations

ChatOps is the process of integrating UC collaboration instant messaging functionality with IT operations, which can bring about a host of IT-related benefits. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can get started. Replacing E-mail with Chat Applications like Slack and MS Teams provide instant-messaging functionality known as chat spaces, or simply chat. […]