2021 Delivering Opportunities to Our Partners: 3CX Leads Process Reloaded

This year we decided to take our leads process up a notch (or two) to help you receive higher quality leads and close more deals. Here’s a recap of what we’ve done:

-Reviewed our customer communication.

-Redefined the 3CX lead.

-Drilled in the message “Work with a partner” to customers.

-Added incentives for customers to trial Pro or Enterprise editions.

It’s a strategy designed to keep our partners center stage, delivering upon our promise to create opportunities for you.

Redefining the 3CX Lead

We wanted to minimize leads from users with no serious interest in buying, saving you precious time to work on those that will bring the most return.

A 3CX lead is any company that:

-NEW: Has more than 5 extensions.

NEW: Is yet to activate their subscriptions – these are the customers who really need your technical expertise!

-Downloads the 3CX trial: automatic email verification.

-Communicates interest in a paid 3CX subscription.

    • via Live Chat, Facebook or by contacting our customer help desk.

-Is in need of 3CX technical assistance.

It is important that customers work from start to finish with their 3CX reseller, therefore we will not pre-qualify these leads.

“Get the 3CX Experience – Work with a 3CX Partner!”

new leads process partners

Our message to customers hasn’t changed, but it’s louder than ever: 3CX resellers are certified experts who can exceed your expectations and offer you the true 3CX experience. From the moment the free trial is initiated, or the customer expresses interest in trying out Pro or Enterprise, we encourage them to get in touch with a reseller. We do this by:

-Incentivizing customers to trial our PRO or Enterprise editions.

-Stating that PRO/Ent edition trials are only available via a partner.

-Sending their contact information to you – in compliance with GDPR, where applicable.

-Only listing phone numbers of 3CX resellers on our website, driving all potential customers your way.

What’s more, every customer downloading 3CX’s free version, who has not registered with a 3CX partner, will receive a monthly mailer promoting the benefits of doing so.

Delivering 3CX Opportunities Through your Portal

Previously, leads were forwarded to three resellers based on two factors:


-License Activation

We stopped this a few months ago in order to assess and revamp the lead distribution process.

So what’s New? Now, every 3CX downloader will be sent a Find-a-Partner link instantly! If the customer doesn’t assign their subscription to a reseller within 24-hours, the following takes place:

  1. Lead contact information is sent to two local partners. Both resellers are given an equal opportunity to win the deal.
  2. Customers are informed that two partners will be contacting them. This avoids any “Who are you and how did you get my details?” conversations.
  3. Owners and sales contacts of partner accounts receive an instant notification via their portal. This is to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity and take immediate action! You have 4 days to do so.
  4. Customers retain the right to choose the best partner according to their needs.

Act quickly!

act now

Taking immediate action means completing these 4 critical steps within 4 days:

  1. Contact the customer within 24 hours.
  2. Mark the lead as contacted within your partner portal.
  3. Schedule a demo.
  4. Assign their trial subscription to your account.

Once the free subscription is assigned to one of the two resellers, the customer disappears from the other partner’s portal.

When you close the sale, ensure you upgrade the trial subscription to a paid license – no need to buy a new one!

Things to Remember

We’re really drilling in the message to customers “Trial the PRO and work with a reseller!” in order to provide you with as many high quality leads as possible. To get the most out of the process and your partnership with us, remember that:

  1. 3CX PRO/Ent trials are created in your partner portal.
  2. Leads sent from 3CX need to be marked as contacted in your partner portal.
  3. Subscriptions need to be assigned to your partner ID.
  4. Free trials should be upgraded straight to paid subscriptions.

The Bottom Line

We’ve worked hard to continue to deliver you value into 2021 and beyond. Here’s a recap of the key benefits:

-Increased promotion of YOU, our valued Channel Partner.

-Upselling of the benefits of PRO and Enterprise subscriptions.

-Minimizing time-wasters.

-Increasing quality leads.

-Increasing customer satisfaction.

-Rewarding higher ranking partners with bigger leads.

As you can see, 3CX is constantly working on ways to increase the opportunities presented to our channel; so we can focus on our product and 3CX partners can close more deals.

Posted on February 23rd, 2021 by Natassia Allery, Sales Manager

Sourced from: 3CX. View the original article here.

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