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Virtual SMS

Virtual SMS - One of the Best SMS platforms in South Africa!

SMS remains to be one of the most effective ways of communicating. Virtual SMS has a great solution which is easy to access and use, and allows you to communicate directly with selected groups of people - sending them reminders and news, or even potential customers by running advertising campaigns.

This powerful solution enables you to deliver messages securely, reliably and instantly to just about anyone you need to reach, wherever they are and whatever device they are using. Whoever you are, and whatever messaging capabilities you need for your site, system or application, Virtual SMS can provide these services.

  • You can reach your clients almost immediately, saving time and money. By sending information and updates via SMS you can increases your effective reach to individuals and groups.
  • Mobile Communications enables you to inform customers on new products available, launches and special events. It’s the ideal marketing communications mechanism.
  • Make sure your Debtors and Creditors can be reached in an instant on payments made and received to keep record and track of what is happening in your and their accounts.
  • Big campaigns and competitions for businesses can be held with a lot less effort and with changes easily communicated.
  • Send SMS’s out to staff on work related issues like meetings, reminders and to schedule time changes.
  • Keep your customers informed on price changes of products and services on offers. Be in control.

Their system, combined with the reach of their partner networks can power SMS and Messaging Solutions of every kind. The Virtual SMS interface makes it simple for your developers and network managers to integrate to your site, applications or systems. Virtual SMS also offers a set of 'instant' solutions to enable you to manage messaging direct from your desktop, email or web-browser.

All you need is a Computer with Internet Access!

Don't wait another moment!

Whatever your industry, VSMS can help you do business smarter and faster!

Virtual SMS functionality

Virtual SMS offers the following functionality:

  • Send via the Web, or using the Virtual Fax messaging software which can be installed on your PC
  • Automate and Schedule SMS's
  • Multiple reports to manage your SMS traffic
  • Full Audit Trail of SMS's
  • Build your own Database of contacts for easy access and quick distribution
  • Highest quality with guaranteed message delivery - tied to a Service Level Agreement
  • Access to 24/7 customer support
Sign-up process
  • Sign-up is quick and easy, and each user will receive 10 free SMS's upon registration.

To sign up for the VSMS solution Contact Us and an Agent will be in contact with you with the process to take up this offer.