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Fax Overview

Faxing over an IP connection more often than not presents its challenges to both Customers and Network Providers. Fax cannot be considered or treated the same as Voice.

Fax can be a contentious issue for most providers with the general suggestion either being to retain existing Telkom lines for fax, or to migrate to a Fax to Email service. Some providers do support faxing over their IP network which would require you to have a fax machine and provider that is T.38 compliant (for Fax over IP), or an SIP ATA / Adapter which which you can then plug your traditional fax machine into.

The most widely adopted solution for faxing remains to be with next generation Fax to Email.

We were introduced to a unique provider a while ago, and their value proposition was that clients reliant on their Telkom landline number for faxing, could port their number into their Fax to Email service!

Virtual Fax’s complete focus is to provide efficient, cost effective fax solutions. They understand the unique challenges of the industry, and have a proven track record of the successes achieved. Virtual Fax has pioneered the next generation in Fax Solutions by introducing a revolutionary method to sending and receiving faxes.

Hundreds of customers choose to receive faxes on the Virtual network over traditional fax machines because:

  • All faxes received on the Virtual Fax network are archived for 10 years at no cost to their clients
  • Each user is assigned a Personal Fax inbox which can be accessed via secure login on the web
  • Every fax has a unique tracking number which ensures that NO fax will ever get “lost”
  • Less paper and toner are used due to faxes being delivered to an e-mail inbox - you choose which ones you want to print = significant cost savings
  • You will save alot of time and money, and will have the convenience of sending and receiving faxes on your laptop or cellphone wherever you are

The Virtual Fax solution is superior to traditional 0866/0865/0862/085 fax to e-mail solutions because:

  • Calling a Virtual Fax number is charged at almost half the rate of traditional fax to e-mail solution
  • Sending a Fax through the Virtual Fax network is on per second billing
  • With traditional Fax to e-mail solutions, Faxes which exceed the users email quota is rejected altogether, whereas the Virtual Fax, the settings are “user defined” and irrespective of the size of the fax, the user will receive the attachment or a link to view the fax online before downloading.
  • No faxes will be lost with the Virtual Fax to e-mail solution and a full audit trail is available for faxes sent and received.
Sending Faxes with Virtual Fax
  • The transmission speed is up to 3 times faster than normal faxing which in itself results in cost savings
  • The call charges are on per second billing irrespective of destination, and the call rates are cheaper than Telkom
  • Inter-branch faxes are cheaper than the cost of a local Telkom call

There are many ways to send a fax:

  • E-mail to Fax: users can send a fax directly from their e-mail by adding the fax destination number in the “To” Field in their email client/program, select “Send” and the fax is transmitted.
  • Print to Fax: the user installs a print driver provided by Virtual Fax on their personal PC and faxes are transmitted by selecting “print to Virtual Fax” and the transmission is complete.
  • Fax Scan: In the case of faxes being sent manually and with human intervention i.e. documentation being signed etc., a Fax Scan device can be supplied which connects to the traditional fax machine into the internet which allows you to send faxes using your existing fax machines, but via the Internet at the reduced rates and higher speeds offered by Virtual Fax.
  • Integration: In the event that you have an existing Fax server such as RightFax or Faxination, Virtual Fax offers an integration into these platforms which will handle the call routing (incoming and outgoing) via Virtual Fax in order to get the benefit of per second billing and reduced call rates.
Benefits of the Virtual Fax solution
  • All faxes are archived for a period of ten years
  • Billing is based on pure per second billing methodology
  • Multiple implementation options to meet specific company requirements
  • Virtual Fax is proven to be the most cost effective fax solution available in the market
  • Inter-branch faxing is done at nominal rate, billed per second, which will result in significant cost savings for other offices, friends, customers or suppliers - all users of the Virtual Fax network
  • Virtual Fax integrates and connects to any Fax Server platform; thereby leveraging your existing investment however achieving the cost savings, plus over time further costs will be saved on additional licenses or channels when scaling on the Virtual Fax solution.
Sign-up process and charges
  • Setup Fee (only applicable where sending faxes is required)

R 350.00 per site or branch

  • Email to Fax charges (to be able to send faxes)

R 89.00 per month for up to 3 users,
R 149.00 per month for more than 3 users

VFAX also caters for Multifunction printers with Scan to Email capabilities and is usually charged at R 50.00 per month per machine. This allows customers to send and receive faxes via their existing All-in-one Printer, Scanner and Copier devices.

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