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Wholesale VoIP services

Wholesale VoIP services

Who does Wholesale VoIP appeal to?

  • Local companies who want to enter the Telco market and require assistance with rates and billing (interconnects and/or a billing platform)
  • Local companies with an established customer base who would like to consolidate the billing and services by utilising a single wholesale provider
  • International Carriers or Aggregators who have South African minutes, or are looking to terminate minutes into South Africa - Fixed line and GSM only.

Wholesale VoIP Overview

Over the last few years, retail and wholesale service providers have seen the benefit of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a communications protocol that allows for users to enjoy telephonic communication through the Internet.

VoIP has revolutionized the telecommunications sector. VoIP solutions are viewed as attractive options for all businesses. They help companies curb spending since VoIP offers a cheaper alternative traditional phone calls as the calls are routed over the Internet as opposed to via standard phone lines.

Wholesale VoIP is a service provided by wholesale carriers to other service providers and deals with start ups, additions or extensions to their networks. Wholesale VoIP providers allow you to actively market your own VoIP solution whilst the provider worries about the back-end work. Wholesale VoIP providers negotiate costs with countries, set profit margins and resell to VoIP services, provide low cost, 24/7 support solutions, offer hosted PBX phone systems and handle wholesale origination and termination.

Wholesale VoIP companies work with carriers who in turn provide services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). By catering to carriers, wholesale VoIP companies can focus on offering high cost savings while providing customers with reliable and effective services. By turning to wholesale VoIP solutions, carriers can save money on a monthly basis and limit the amount of upfront capital investment that they would otherwise have to expend. VoIP also facilitates the carrier process especially for carriers who has multiple locations. Carriers with multiple locations can opt for PBX systems so that they can operate all of their systems through one, unified system.

Benefits to the Partner

Wholesale VoIP services offers a rather unique value proposition:

  • No large investment in telco infrastructure
  • Avoid dealing with multiple operators with varying requirements and floor charges
  • Scale capacity as your business needs it
  • Leverage the Wholesale Providers capacities and skills
  • Use the Wholesale Providers ECS and ECNS licences
  • Shorter lead times to get up and running
  • Allows you to focus on your core business

Partners Responsibilities

Typical partner responsibilities with VoIP Wholesale includes:

  • Installations to be planned and managed by your company
  • Support to each of your customers
  • Billing your customers (some providers may offer a Billing service for you to use)
  • Invoicing customers (some providers may offer a mechanism to handle the invoicing on your behalf, on your letterhead)
  • Collecting payments for all invoices

Who offers Wholesale VoIP?

There are a number of credible Tier 1 providers who offer VoIP Wholesale services to the market, all of whom can be found in the WhichVoIP.co.za Directory.