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Converged telecoms operator Neotel has responded to heavy criticism of its consumer focus with a complete revamp of its core offerings, but analysts are adamant there is still room for improvement. Among the new offerings, Neotel has introduced... Read More
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Vox Telepreneur, a subsidiary of Vox Telecoms, has introduced its Vox Supafone, an Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled phone, to the consumer market, following a distribution agreement with Makro. An IP phone uses voice over IP (VOIP) technology,... Read More
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Telkom today launched the country?s fourth mobile operator, 8ta. Here are all the details on pricing, speeds and more South Africa?s cellular market tonight welcomed its fourth mobile operator, 8ta. 8ta is ?powered by Telkom? and was commonly known... Read More
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SA has a fourth mobile operator. Telkom took the lid off 8ta at a glittering event at Lanseria airport on Thursday evening, offering voice and data rates that look set to shake up the country?s telecommunications industry. The launch of 8ta ? which... Read More
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First came ?082? and ?083? for Vodacom and MTN, then ?084? for Cell C when the third mobile operator launched a decade ago. Now a new number prefix will be introduced this week, and it belongs to Telkom. No, it?s not ?085?. Rather, Telkom?s new... Read More
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Hi, Sitting here on a Sunday evening and wondering about the affects of RICA with VoIP.. So the RICA act states that all "Telecommunications service providers" are required to log official Subscriber details, have a certified copy of the... Read More
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Hi, There is so much talk about VoIP, which sometimes overlaps what IP Telephony is (i.e. Asterisk and others). So when people refer to VoIP, do you think they are referring to VoIP (as in Cheaper phonecalls) or IP Telephony (as in IP Phones,... Read More
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Hi, As a small company (5 users) we would like to get opinions and feedback on the different VoIP providers. We obviously want good client service and good enough uptime. Looking forward to your posts! :silly:
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