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Listed cellular company Vodacom lost out on R800 million in revenue in the first half of its financial year, after termination rates were voluntarily cut earlier this year. It will lose out on more revenue over the next two years as rates drop... Read More
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[b]In the past 12 months[/b], AltX-listed Huge Group?s share price has defied gravity, soaring nearly 400%, making it one of the best performing shares on the JSE. At face value, though, the share?s sterling performance makes little sense. Huge... Read More
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IT business connectivity and solutions provider MWEB Business has extended its competitively priced business offerings into the voice services arena with the launch of three VoIP (Voice over IP) PBX packages that bring the sophistication and... Read More
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[b]Neotel today welcomed ICASA?s final call termination regulations released last week[/b] Neotel today issued a press statement in which it welcomed the statement made by ICASA on 29 October 2010 indicating a phased reduction of both mobile and... Read More
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Vox Telecom is writing down goodwill and intangible assets to the tune of more than R745m. The news comes just hours after the Independent Communications Authority of SA announced it would slash call termination rates starting next year. AltX-listed... Read More
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[b]Newcomer 8ta's introductory offer is for life, which means I can arbitrage it forever.[/b] Telkom mobile unit 8ta has introduced what could be the most valuable SIM card on the market. In fact, it is probably so valuable they could become... Read More
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[i][b]The first 1 million 8ta customers are guaranteed that the operator's prepaid offer on free minutes and SMSs will last for the life of their service[/b][/i] Telkom?s mobile operator 8ta recently launched their first prepaid services in... Read More
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[b]ECN launches its single number national access solution[/b] Having completed the rollout of its national IP-based next-generation network, ECN is now launching a range of new products to complement its market leading full service voice offering.... Read More
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[b]Sentech chairman Quraysh Patel[/b] Screamer Telecoms was still using Sentech?s radio frequency spectrum as recently as October 2009, internal Sentech documents leaked to TechCentral have revealed. This is despite the state-owned company... Read More
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O-Tel meets increasing demand from entrepreneurs by launching simpler and cheaper reseller packages. Sign up now by visiting the revamped O-Tel website. [url=http://otelafrica.com/]O-Tel website[/url]
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Telkom has revealed the first phase of its strategy to take on the incumbents in the mobile sector. With 8ta, Telkom has slashed the cost of mobile-to-landline calls and cut out-of-bundle data rates in half. Now what? Telkom spared no expense in... Read More
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Angus Hay; Neotel is looking for a ?sustainable? way to bring fibre access to SA users? homes. The company?s chief technology officer, Angus Hay, says that at the moment, building fibre into homes is an expensive exercise, costing anywhere between... Read More
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Industry players at odds about the legality of Screamer Telecoms? WiMax network Screamer Telecoms is well known in the broadband and wireless community as a WiMax network operator providing consumers with broadband and telephony services.... Read More
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Neotel has recently revised its consumer offerings, which includes free on-net calls, a R99 broadband service and cutting the price of its prepaid phones. Neotel today launched their ?refocused consumer offering? which the company believes will... Read More
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Cell C has to remove ?4Gs? from its new advertising campaign, after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the term is misleading and dishonest. MTN, Vodacom and several consumers laid complaints against Cell C's advertising... Read More
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Converged telecoms operator Neotel has responded to heavy criticism of its consumer focus with a complete revamp of its core offerings, but analysts are adamant there is still room for improvement. Among the new offerings, Neotel has introduced... Read More
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Vox Telepreneur, a subsidiary of Vox Telecoms, has introduced its Vox Supafone, an Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled phone, to the consumer market, following a distribution agreement with Makro. An IP phone uses voice over IP (VOIP) technology,... Read More
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Telkom today launched the country?s fourth mobile operator, 8ta. Here are all the details on pricing, speeds and more South Africa?s cellular market tonight welcomed its fourth mobile operator, 8ta. 8ta is ?powered by Telkom? and was commonly known... Read More
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SA has a fourth mobile operator. Telkom took the lid off 8ta at a glittering event at Lanseria airport on Thursday evening, offering voice and data rates that look set to shake up the country?s telecommunications industry. The launch of 8ta ? which... Read More
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First came ?082? and ?083? for Vodacom and MTN, then ?084? for Cell C when the third mobile operator launched a decade ago. Now a new number prefix will be introduced this week, and it belongs to Telkom. No, it?s not ?085?. Rather, Telkom?s new... Read More
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