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FAXing over VoIP networks [b]Executive summary [/b] FAXing over VoIP networks doesn't work. You can sometimes arrange things so a fairly high percentage of FAXes get through OK. You can occasionally create setups that work 100% of the time.... Read More
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[b]How SME?s are Leveraging VoIP Hosted Solutions[/b] While many large businesses turn to premise based VoIP solutions (in-house), smaller organizations looking to capitalize on the technology without incurring significant costs are turning to... Read More
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We all love Telkom 'freebe's'such as DSL promo's and free gig's so here is another interesting one. 8-ta offer free calls to one Telkom landline number, cool hey, you can phone your office free of charge just like you can... Read More
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A recent radio interview with David Rowe ( Village Telco) and Paul Gardener Stephen (Serval Project) took place on a Australian radio show. This interview highlights what can be done and is being done with VoIP, smart phones and mesh networks in... Read More
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I was recently called in to take over the support of a clients IP PBX & VoIP connection and found it was another system wide open waiting to be 'Hacked'.Nobody wants that surprise phone account for 1000's of Rands that you wont... Read More
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So much has been written of late with regard to the $8.5 billion Skype acquisition by Microsoft ive been reluctant to comment as firstly i lost interest in Skype when they crippled their mobile App for undisclosed buckets full of cash from Vervison... Read More
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As a reseller of voip, do i require a license? Icasa talks of an ECS, am getting conflicting point of views because others say if you are not terminating in SA, you do not require a license and it is considered pure IP Please give me more info on... Read More
( joesimk ) | 2,235 Views | 1 Replies
Hi, There is so much talk about VoIP, which sometimes overlaps what IP Telephony is (i.e. Asterisk and others). So when people refer to VoIP, do you think they are referring to VoIP (as in Cheaper phonecalls) or IP Telephony (as in IP Phones,... Read More
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Hi, As a small company (5 users) we would like to get opinions and feedback on the different VoIP providers. We obviously want good client service and good enough uptime. Looking forward to your posts! :silly:
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