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For most traditional white collar corporate workers around the world, the office used to resemble the traditional open plan space divided by cubicles with minimal privacy, as depicted by, and poked fun of, in the American comic strip Dilbert.... Read More
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Mobile devices are increasingly at the centre of business communications and the need for an enterprise strategy for mobile deployment is more important than ever.With a growing number of mobile devices entering the enterprise, both company... Read More
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Convinced by how far the technology has come in recent years and that the quality of the calls have become just as good as that of calls taking place over landlines, as well as by the freedom and the amazing savings you will have on your phone bill... Read More
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“Please note that this call may be recorded” is an all-too-familiar message to anyone who has ever called a business before. Call recording is not just done by call centres anymore. Many businesses in various regulated industries, such as financial... Read More
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Not too long ago, the fact that you were able to have a three-way conference call over your fixed line was a big deal. If you wanted to talk to any more people than that simultaneously, and you wanted to be clearly heard, you had to call a physical... Read More
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Consumers and business owners all over the world, but especially here in South Africa, have already been made aware that switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their telecommunications needs can slash their phone bills significantly... Read More
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