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This article was originally published on MyBroadband Connection Telecom’s Cloud PBX service, Telviva, makes it easy and affordable for businesses to move their telecoms services to the cloud, saving them thousands of rand and providing a host of... Read More
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This article was originally published on TechCentral Read more at source. The fourth industrial revolution is here, and much like the one that took place roughly 40 years ago, it's being powered by innovation in IT. Whereas before it was the advent... Read More
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This article was originally published on ITWeb Read more at source. The world of telecoms can be a tricky one. Web sites all over seem to give a lot of information on their products, but it's seldom the information you actually need. Telviva wants... Read More
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Wednesday,  04 October 2017 ? An office that can?t be taken with you isn?t just stuck geographically, it?s stuck in the past. Cloud computing is transforming the business landscape, and it?s time you took the leap and digitised your office. Rob... Read More
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As business owners consider the many challenges facing them, technology will undoubtedly provide some of the answers (and efficiencies) that they are so actively seeking. Cloud-based platforms and solutions have emerged as among the smartest and... Read More
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Over the past decade, there has been a massive amount of change and innovation in the technology space. Without doubt, this has impacted almost every facet of the business environment ? from operations, finances, and communications to HR... Read More
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Notwithstanding the soft-edged depiction of ?the cloud? on network diagrams, it is neither a fuzzy (ill-defined) nor a fluffy (hyped) concept. It is easy to understand and it is big, big business. Practically everything IT, from server... Read More
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Moving office needn?t mean moving or paying the earth to relocate your on-site PBX ? if you migrate to a cloud-based PBX provider at the same time, moving your telephony is a plug and play exercise. A new campaign by Telviva, the managed service... Read More
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For all the talk about unified communications (UC), few companies have delivered a truly connected platform and ecosystem with real business benefit. Cloud-based PBX provider, Connection Telecom is here to change all that with its Telviva business... Read More
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In today’s frenetic, always-on corporate environment, keeping track of calls, messages – and communications in general - is a gargantuan task. One only has to glance at executive Personal Assistants and receptionists to realise that internal... Read More
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For many small and medium sized business owners, managing the administration and costs associated with telephony is an ongoing struggle. Particularly for owners and managers that have to run various businesses and departments under a shared... Read More
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