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This article was originally published on MyBroadband Jaco Voigt took the helm at TeleMasters in January 2018, and he is upbeat about the prospects of the company in South Africa. He describes the company as ?one of the industry?s best-kept secrets... Read More
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This article was originally published on PoliticalAnalysis Telemasters Chief Executive Officer, Jaco Voigt says his company is playing a vital role in the growth of the telecommunications sector in South Africa. ?I think there are growth... Read More
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?Bandwidth is addictive? is a well-established IT mantra. How much bandwidth should employees have, and how much data should they be allowed to use? ?This answer changes,? says TeleMasters CEO Mario Pretorius, ?but changes in the same direction:... Read More
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TeleMasters has collaborated with various IP router manufacturers and directional antenna vendors to provide an ubiquitous service in virtually every business community in South Africa. ?TeleMasters are pushing the boundaries ofvoice over LTE... Read More
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COMMUNICATIONS group TeleMasters said on Monday that least-cost routing (LCR) technology was still popular and would boost growth in earnings. TeleMasters provides its clients with telecommunications services such as fixed-line voice, data and... Read More
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South African Internet Exchange (SAIX) | Over the years, SAIX has become synonymous with high-quality, competitively priced wholesale Internet access and, in 2005, was ranked as Africa's top national internet exchange in the Kemi-links... Read More
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TeleMasters' profit in the year to June has surged 10 times, as the company's Digital Direct platform gains more traction. The listed company's bottom line moved from R257 080 in the previous period, which only comprised nine months as it moved its... Read More
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A VPN with TeleMasters offers a secure connectivity alternative - one that has all the advantages of a private network, but at less cost and with no management responsibility by channel partners This is what TeleMasters announced and demonstrated... Read More
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TeleMasters has made good on its expected gradual return to profitability, coming in bottom line positive in the first half of the year. The company has had a challenging time as it has been converting from a least-cost routing (LCR) provider to a... Read More
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JSE-listed TeleMasters has moved back into profitable territory, year-on-year in the three months to December, despite lower revenue. The company says it has benefited from lower operating costs, due to cost-cutting efforts implemented in the... Read More
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TeleMasters on Tuesday (18 December) reported an operating loss of R5.52 million for the year ended September 2012, from a prior profit of R14.42 million. The group said that revenues from its dwindling fixed cellular base (using Least Cost Routing... Read More
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Voice over IP. What's left to say? You can save money. Lots of it. It's great for moves and changes, super easy, even the receptionist can do them. Sure. Tell me something I don't know. How about this: Most of what you hear in these... Read More
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ADSL may deliver better bandwidth at a reasonable price for many applications, but when it comes to voice over IP (VoIP), ADSL does not deliver gold standard communications. Riaan Pietersen, head of the enterprise division at telecommunications... Read More
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South African Retail Motor Industry body, RMI, has joined forces with JSE listed TeleMasters Limited to lead up to what will be SA?s first industry-specific telecommunications company. The RMI represents around 7,500 motor industry members,... Read More
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Customer service levels in the VOIP market are constantly increasing due to continuously changing customer requirements in a competitive marketplace. So says Riaan Pietersen, head of the enterprise division at TeleMasters, who notes that, to be... Read More
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JSE-listed TeleMasters is experiencing delays in converting its 600 long-standing clients to its new telecoms platform, which dragged revenue lower in the first three months of the year. However, TeleMasters notes that its efforts are paying off as... Read More
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If your service provider doesn?t allow you to measure the quality of your VoIP calls, you have to wonder why, says TeleMasters. Voice over IP has become mainstream in enterprise, putting business at the mercy of VoIP call quality in all its... Read More
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Advances in communication, IT and Internet technologies are combining to address the many difficulties companies encounter with business-critical PBX systems. That?s according to telecoms specialist TeleMasters, who says the next step in PBX... Read More
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Are there any reasons not to virtualise the PBX? There are, but they may not be what users think. Riaan Pietersen, head of enterprise division at telecommunications specialist TeleMasters says the bulk of the PBX market is still made up of legacy... Read More
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JSE-listed TeleMasters has withdrawn its plans to leave the bourse, it said in a statement issued this afternoon. ?The board of directors has resolved to not pursue the delisting of the company from the JSE at this point in time,? it states. No... Read More
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